Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back in the saddle.

I think.

It has been a really freaky two weeks here at House O Samurai. All of us are well, thanks to everyone who checked in to say hi and see if everything was okay. It is.

The big problem, I think, can be narrowed down to this:
That's my netbook. It had been acting funny, I'd run some virus scans, and it suddenly crashed. CMOS worked, and nothing else. At first I thought it was a virus, but considering reality and how I use my computer and everything, now I'm wavering between motherboard shorts, or the hard drive toasted. It's going to the shop tomorrow.

Then, my annoyance high, the tax return in my account, and a sale on the horizon... well...
Yeah. Fuck it. I've got back up now, damn it.

Plus, I've been doing OT twice a week, and in blinding pain. And, oh yeah.
The Goob's been sick.

Same old, same old.

I've done a little knitting on another Half-A-Washcloth Shawl, done a little spinning (and took pictures for a blog post). And, um, I have a loom scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Just a small one. Nothing extreme. No, really.



Tas said...

I hope the sprog gets better--sick kids are tough. And you, too, I hope are hanging in there.

How is Sekhmet doing?

(Oh, I'm a lurker. I've read all your archives though. They amuse me :) )

Jennifer Crowley said...

Good for you! The loom might be something you can do without as much pain. I know how it is with sick kids, mine are in the same boat. *shakes head* and I was hoping we were past the winter viruses.

Donna Lee said...

I'm glad things are moving in a more positive direction. I hate PT with a passion. I know it (probably) makes things better in the long run but in the short run it hurts. They had my ankle hooked up to electrodes (to reduce swelling) delivering electric shocks and zipped inside an ice pack. yep, fun times.

I hope this at least helps your hands so you can use them without pain.

And a loom? really? I've looked at them but I have enough stuff around the house as it is.

Roxie said...

More details about the loom? Floor or table? How many harnesses? If you have questions, ask me. And have fun!!

Chicken soup to der Goobster. And ear massages to Sehkmet..She's good to her furless kitten.

Barbara said...

It's been that kind of year, so far. I'm successfully battling numb fingers with chiropractic so far, avoiding nerve tests for carpal tunnel. (fingers crossed, ha, just kidding)

I second the vote for chicken soup. It's good for what ails you, and if you can put in even an eighth teaspoon of red pepper flakes, really hleps clear stuffy heads.

Emily said...

I was worried. I'm glad you're relatively OK. I've had PT for weird injuries and found it rather unhelpful...but then my injuries were weird. (The latest was paper-thin rotary-cuff tendons as a result of years of Cipro, with violin stuff added, about which PT people know zilch.) I hope your PT is more appropriate and working, most of all!

ellen in indy said...

my sympathies. rheumatologist wanted me to have hand surgery last year because of osteoarthritis pain.

quoth she: "they just take a spare tendon from your forearm, tie it in a knot and substitute it for the enlarged bone at the base of your thumb."

uh, not MY thumb! not after i looked up the procedure and learned it would mean 1 or 2 months in cast/splints, followed by 2 months of pt. not before i tried something else first.

so i went back to the miracle-worker occupational therapist who had helped the other thumb previously.

i told her what i'd told her before: "i'll do anything you tell me to do except give up knitting!"

she made night splints and taught me simple exercises. my thumb still looks wonky, but it functions much better and hurts much less.

good luck -- and please keep us posted on the weaving. that's kinda my fallback if i ever must stop knitting.

also, good-health mojo to the goob! grandgirl and dd both had pinkeye recently, plus a stomach virus for grandgirl. the fun never ends.