Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And then, spinning.


My local yarn store (Natural Stitches) asked me to write a fiber review when I was there last. Any fiber I wanted (so long as they sold it, of course). I said sure, and turned in my little blurb today. To sign up for the newsletter, you can go HERE. Yes, this is the yarn store with the wall of Cascade 220.

The fiber I chose was Northern Lights, from Louet.
It's a pencil roving. Lately I've been all about pencil roving, I think because it's simple and I need simple.

Remember these?

All with Northern Lights fiber.

I'll tell you what I told the newsletter readers: It's awesome. Go buy some. (Okay, I was a little more subtle. But it's awesome. Go buy some.)


Otherwise, I'm back in a chronic pain flare. I know this, because of this:
That's a Kromski Harp, 32" rigid heddle loom. It took me two days to get it put together, and I had to ask the hub to help me. It's still not warped. I see my doc on Friday, and am hoping for awesome drugs. I'm gonna tell her I want drugs that make fiber arts easy. BECAUSE THAT IS THE REAL PRIORITY HERE. Forget caring for my family, cleaning the house, or wiping my own butt. No. I WANT TO GET BACK TO MY FIBER STUFF.

Damn it.


Oh, and Roxie? The comment about steeking, drafting, and turning the cat? Hilarious. Thanks for that. Laughs is good drugs!


abetterjulie said...

I hope you get relief from the pain. I love your spinning and can only wish to be half as good at it, someday!

Dorothy Dean said...

I have that same loom! I got it for Giftmess. Mine's not warped either.

Louiz said...

Bad on the pain. Fingers crossed for good drugs. Excited to see loom working:)

Roxie said...

Best of luck with the doc. Hope the loom isn't too hard on your shoulders.

So glad you enjoy my sense of humor ;-)

Jennifer Crowley said...

I'll tell you, putting together a loom while not in pain is frustrating enough. Putting together one while in pain? Really not fun.

I'm hoping you get some better pain meds.

Donna Lee said...

I spun a bag of Louet fiber and loved it. It's so well prepared. I didn't use pencil roving but their regular roving is just as nice.

The arthritis in my right hand is bad enough that no knitting is happening (and this typing is just about the limit). Pain drugs are not much of an option because they put me to sleep (and my workplace frowns upon the closing of one's eyes during work hours)

Emily said...

I'm crossing my fingers, toes, & eyes wishing for good pain drugs for ya. (Currently doing nice boring hats since I lost all my others...perfect now that the weather is turning.)

Anonymous said...

I know you want to get rid of the pain, just keep watch that the knitting doesn't get 'wonky' with side-effects of the drugs. Hope for the best Helen

NeedleTart said...

I've had a rigid heddle loom for years (YEARS, I tell you). It's never been warped. I've always been waiting for "free time" whatever that is......

Amy Lane said...

pain or no pain... you're still amazing!