Monday, March 26, 2012

What I'm doing when I'm not here.

But first. This last week of Women's History Month, or whatever the fuck we're calling it in the US, I was going to do a post a day, with a bio of an amazing woman. Today was going to be Marie Curie, but really, Badass of the Week already did her, in a style I appreciate. Rather than reinventing the wheel, here you go:

MARIE CURIE, from Badass of the Week.

Tomorrow I'll actually write up someone.


There is actual good news from the OT department.
I'm wearing splints to bed every night. I started last Wednesday, and as of today, it doesn't hurt to knit any more! At least for reasonable amounts of time... haven't tried a four hour marathon yet. But it's definitely a move in the right direction.

Maybe I'll get back to spinning, too. Wouldn't that be nice.

And this is in progress as I type:
I have a feeling I'm going to be weaving in my dining room. Might want to clear the nail polish and manicure station off the other end of the table. Hmmm.


Also, I've been reading and gaming. What else is there to do when you're zoned out from painkillers after a killer therapy session?

The Disappearing Spoon is what I've been reading. I have to read about five, ten pages, then sit and absorb for a while. It's chemistry, organized around the periodic table. But it's actually HUMANIZED chemistry, with practical application and amusing stories and actual, useful stuff, rather than random letters and numbers and little dots.

While I'm at it, there's a web site called The Periodic Table of Videos. It's just what it sounds like: Short videos on each element. Very cool.

Yes, I'm trying to teach myself chemistry. Again. You're all just stuck with it.

Then, when my brain has totally melted, there are games on the Kindle Fire. (It's an Android platform, so I assume these games are also available for any Android phone. Probably iThings, too.)

Where's my Water is from Disney, believe it or not. You try to get water through pipes to an alligator in a bathtub. You dig dirt, you squirt water and poisons, you deal with algae. Very silly, very fun. You can actually play it on line, HERE. Oh, and you really wanna capture the little duckies.

Angry Birds has a new one - Angry Birds in Space. Apparently they've hit ten MILLION downloads in the three days it's been out. !! It's really wild, compared to the other Angry Birds games. There are gravity wells, and black holes, and inertia. Physics is kind of a bitch. But it's very, very cool.

I'm trying to think of anything else I'm doing, but there isn't anything. I'm waiting for the weather to clear up so I can attempt to garden; it's been raining, and cold. I need to rip out some shrubs in the back yard, and I can't get my Jeep back there to do it while the ground is wet. (Or rather, I can, but it would make a huge mess and the husbeast would go bonkers.)

Right now? Well, for excitement, I think I need to go do some OT exercises.

And finish warping this loom.


Roxie said...

A table loom can blow out your shoulders and upper back unless you are try careful. And I know how you get into the zone and power though till you break, so watch it! OK? Short sessions - no more than half an hour with ten minutes of stretches between. I know what I'm talking about. Set a timer. A frozen shoulder totally sucks rocks.

Hooray for sleeping splints! Hooray for knitting without pain!!

Does Goober get to help wit the shrub evictions?

Ellen said...

Love your loom - I only have a Beka Rigid Heddle loom. Have you used handspun as warp as well as weft? I was thinking of some stash busting - I have way more hand spun yarn than I currently am knitting.

Enjoy the splints!

Caryl K said...

Thanks for the link to the chem videos and the book :) I reserved it at my library today and hopefully will pick it up tomorrow. It looks very entertaining!

Also, I'm glad you're knitting again - no marathons yet, though! :)

Mel said...

I read the introduction on Barnes and Noble and downloaded it to my Nook. Thank you!!!

Jill Y C said...

Great post! Full of so much to check out and chew on. I'm glad you're feeling better and that your mind's rpms are way up there again. I've been reading with pleasure (and sometimes an empathetic ouch) for a couple of years. Thanks for taking the trouble to write for us.

Jake Lsewhere said...

If you're getting into Periodic Table of Videos, and you find yourself needing some more time-sucks, you might want to check out Brady's (the guy behind the camera) other similar projects. I really think you'd like Numberphile. :D

Amy Lane said...

God, your busy... the loom looks awesome-- and Angry Birds in Space? Amazing...

ellen in indy said...

a looooooom! i wannnnntssss one!!!!!

what kind is yours? and what would you suggest for someone whose last weaving project was a potholder made with jersey loopers?

i also have hand/wrist issues mostly related to being bitten by computer mice. i have a ginormous stash and lots of time (i'm retired), and am considering that weaving might have fewer rsi issues than knitting as many hours a day as i'd like to.

Alwen said...

We really liked The Disappearing Spoon AND!

There are disappearing spoon videos on the internet tubes!