Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Zauberball keeps me sane. Ish.

This is gonna be a bullet point post, because, well, you'll see why.

•Monday, went to PT/OT. They agreed I've got future problems brewing. The upshot: visits twice a week for six weeks.

•Monday night, realized the new PT exercises set off the fucking RSD.

•Monday night, ran a virus scan on my computer. It was acting weirdly. Deleted three viruses.

•Tuesday, fought urge to kill people because my hand felt like it had been ripped off.

•Tuesday morning, another virus scan came up clean.

•Tuesday afternoon, near as I can tell, the computer deleted its own hard drive. I cannot find any sort of OS on it, not even DOS.

•Did I mention, my fucking hand hurts like hell?

•This afternoon, the kid told me she didn't feel well. I'll skip the details, but she's sick.

•Went into The Pit to find my old lap top. Found it. Not the first clue where the power supply is.

•Am blogging from the Kindle Fire. I hate touch screens.

Now, I'm going to go knit. So I don't kill people.


Alicyn said...

that's rough. :( i hope things get better!

Corlis said...

Mac's don't get sick. Just a thought.
Saw a book at B&N, I think the title was Nerdy Knitter, and leafed threw it while thinking of you. Some of it was odd, to say the least.
Be better soon.

PICAdrienne said...

As far as the power supply, try your nearest big box store that has a service department for computers (Staples, Best Buy, that type), and see if they have a power supply for a bricked laptop they can sell you for was a suggestion I heard at my local Staples last time I was there.

Amy Lane said...


Emily said...

I have a pin that says "I knit so I don't kill people". I think I should send it to you.