Saturday, February 18, 2012

There are no words.

To describe my adoration for Crazy Zauberballs. I hit Natural Stitches today and bought two more.
I'm knitting another Half-A-Washcloth shawl. (This makes three.) Because on bad days, even stripes (Watson Scarf) is too complicated.

So sad.

While I was there, I lost my head (I swear it's the yarn fumes) and bought this:
HALF A POUND of merino/angora/bamboo blend. In purple. That fiber blend says socks to me... with luck I'll get enough yardage to do ankle socks for me AND the Goob. (Last half pound I spun, I got 500 yards. It's possible.)


In other news, yesterday was vaccination day for the Goob. Screaming, crying, fever, crying, oh dear gods. I admit it, I'm a marshmallow. It destroys me when that happens. So, the Goobie was wrapped up on the couch and given unrestricted time with the Kindle Fire.
I may have also treated her to some early Easter candy. And made her favorite for dinner (cheese quesedillas). And gave her an awesome Perry the Platypus bandaid for her arm.

Yeah, marshmallow. It's my widdle baby.

Excuse me. I have to go knit some more and see what color rolls off the Crazy Zauberball next.


Deb said...

I was at Natural Stitches last night for the first time. I'm out visiting my son and it's near where he works.

A very nice store! I was looking at the zauberball, but couldn't decide what to make - I wasn't sure it would wear well for socks.

I did get some Heritage sock yarn for a Multnomah shawl. Now I just have to finish the sweater I'm working on...

Corlis said...

Shots always hurt Mom more than they hurt the kid. And thank you for vaccinating your child.

Anonymous said...

ahh purple


Donna Lee said...

I am finishing a pair of socks from that particular zauberball. I am in deep love with them. They'll probably wear well since they're not very soft and they are very bright. I may break down and give them to my husband for his birthday this week, or remain selfish and keep them for me.

Vaccinations were traumatic for us, too. Pain and fever. I think of that as I get my (forced) flu shot each year and my arm hurts for a few days.

Emily said...

Yes, thank you for vaccinating your child. People aren't, lately, and we're getting some old-fashioned "childhood diseases" back as a result. Whooping cough here; I actually had these things as a child, because there were no vaccines then. One deliberately exposed one's kids in the hope of protecting them later in life when these same things turn deadly. Feeling bad from a shot lasts a very short time by comparison!

And all the fiber stuff looks yummy.

Amy Lane said...

OKay-- I'm all melty inside-- those zaurball colors are just... mmm... dude... so lovely. And the merino... and.. oh, the goob! Poor baby!