Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I've been doing.

Really, it comes down to this:
Mario Kart 7. For the Wii.

I got it as a family present at Christmas, figuring we would all enjoy playing it. I was so, so right. These days we're playing a couple-five rounds before bed nearly every night (because the best way to get a six year old to sleep is wind them up with flashing lights and loud noises). It is a great family thing. All three of us line up on the couch together and race. We've even made a new rule - what gets said on the couch, stays on the couch. The Husbeast and I are known to cuss a blue streak. The Goober thinks we're a riot, but is surprisingly good with her own language. "Darn it!" is about the worst I've heard.

When I'm not frying my nervous system swerving around Koopas and fucking blue shells (FUCKERS), I've been at this:
Knitting the Half a Washcloth shawl (which I still need to turn into a .pdf and upload to the free pattern database on Ravelery) and reading. I'm reading a LOT. Now that my meds have been shifted, I can actually concentrate again, most of the time.

I've also been having a few technical difficulties with my latest obsession.
See the rainbow 'flash' on my nails? That's an effect known as "linear holographic" among nail polish geeks. (Yes, they are out there. Thanks to the internet, I've found some of them.) The linear holo is from a pigment that was originally developed for automobile paint, called spectraflair. These polishes are relatively hard to find, as these things go. Long story shorter, I was logged onto a Brazilian web site earlier tonight, trying to buy a couple bottles of it. Those people who say Spanish and Portuguese are similar? THEY LIE. I'm not sure whether I bought some or not; I'm waiting to see what goes through on the credit card at the start of business tomorrow. As for what it cost? Um, I don't know because it was in Rials instead of US dollars.

Explaining this to the Husbeast was, um, interesting. (His opening statement: "You're fired.") He's being remarkably patient about it, all things considered. But, really? I can't help but think: Strange international shipments with exchange rates I don't know, in languages I don't speak... feels like things are getting back to what we call normal around here.

Hee hee hee.


nanacindynz said...

Let me know if you're successful for the nail polish. I've wanted some holographics for MONTHS. IMPOSSIBLE to find in New Zealand! I'm a total nail geek too.
Also - have you heard of Konad? They might be a bit tricky to use with your nerve damage but I got some for Christmas and I looove. Maybe they could be more fun disguised as physical therapy!

Donna Lee said...

I ordered a knife blank from a company whose web site had a huge american flag and a bald eagle on it. Sounds like an american company,right?

No. The blank was coming from Mumbai and took way longer when it finally came. And it was wrapped in the most interesting newspaper.

The internet has made shopping fun.

kris said...

My Geek spent a summer in Brazil & speaks a good amount of Portuguese. If you want him to translate anything, just let me know.

He also speaks Mario :-)

Emily said...

Love the nails! Love the image of the family togetherness. Love the yarn, actually.

Anonymous said...

Right before my sailor deployed we spent a fun-filled afternoon at his sister's house getting absolutely trounced by the nieces playing Mario Kart. And as to internet shopping, now that all the ships have internet he can keep tabs on my shopping. So needless to say, my yarn budget is in cash whenever I can manage it! Fair winds and following see to you and yours. Kristie B.

Anonymous said...

Should have proof read my original comment. Seas, not see. Derp!

ellen in indy said...

as of today, 1 brazilian real was worth 0.567569 USD - about 58 cents, according to

first time i was in brazil ('99) the exchange rate was 3 rias to $1, or about 33 cents.

no idea how long it will take to get your nail polish, but i suspect shipping will be the biggest cost.

boa sorte (good fortune, according to

and my verification word, "froffe," sounds like it should be a whipped coffee drink!

MLJ1954 said...

The trick with the exchange rate is that it is a moving target (your husband should understand that) . . . Especially with Brazil . . . the rate can change daily and does . . . so even if you knew the rate, you wouldn't necessarily since between the time of your purchase and the time of when it hits your credit card, it probably changed.

Amy Lane said...

And if you get parts for a mystery device that takes you back in time, we promise not to tell.