Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm normal.

I don't know why I find it so hysterically funny when I get a clean bill of health from a shrink, but I do.

With the new med switch-up, my pain doc wanted to be sure she wasn't masking symptoms of other problems, and sent me off to the shrink they've got attached to the chronic pain clinic. (Depression and chronic pain can look a lot alike.) That was this morning. Now my pain doc will be reassured and I'll build up a rep for being cooperative, and it's all good.

As I told the shrink, I didn't really WANT to do the appointment, but there's no good way to frame the "I don't need a shrink!" argument and sound sane. So, fine, Hi.

Besides, it was the responsible thing for my pain doc to do, and I should always support the responsible stuff, not just when it's convenient. Right?

Bah. Pain in the butt.



I seem to have dyed the ugliest yarn in the history of the world. No, really. I've got this earth-tones thing going on in my living room, and I wanted some variegated yarn to knit this afghan with. And I wanted practice dyeing darker colors.

I wound up with fug.
It should look better knit up, but how could it look worse? (Don't answer that.)

Of course who knows when I'll get to it with the ten thousand other things I've got on the needles. At least it's starting to sound like me again, huh? Before you know it, I'll be setting myself ridiculous, arbitrary deadlines for no good reason.


Emily said...

I find it pretty strange that one can be declared free of depression when one is dealing with chronic anything. Depression comes with the territory, I think...I mean, there you are, unable to do what you want to do and all the rest of it...unless, of course, one copes by getting mad, and then everybody around you is upset! How do these shrinks figure this stuff out? But at least now they're not adding more meds to your mix: always good.

Anonymous said...

Your yarn instantly made me think of asparagus. What else is precisely all those colors?

Roxie said...

Laura has it on the nose. That is asparagus yarn. And really, it's not all that ugly.

Glad to hear that you're normal. I feela bit saner in comparison. ;-)

Anonymous said...

As I opened the post I thought, "that's pretty, I wonder where it is from" If you could see how much green and pink yarn I have.....

NeedleTart said...

Pink and green was my mother's favorite combination. Naturally I don't like it, but to each their own. As far as being normal, I have always felt the sane and normal are not on the same continuum. I may be sane, but, honey, I sure ain't normal!
verification? rockshfu not normal

Barbara said...

Oh, I love knitting those Mitered Log Cabin squares. That yarn will be excellent for that. The pattern seems to favor odd color combos.

Did you get a letter from the shrink saying you're normal? I'd ask for one, or maybe a business card that says "am too normal" with a sticky-outy tongue on it.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I've missed your sassy posts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the color of the monitor, but I rather like your dye job. I like how your yarn turned out
And now you are 'certifiable'ly...normal? lol

Amy Lane said...

It looks like roses-- swear, it does not look like fun from here! And I think it's awesome that your doc did that-- sign of increasing awareness among the medical community.

Galad said...

It is good to see you feeling and sounding more like yourself.

I kind of like the yarn but maybe the photo isn't the true color.

Donna Lee said...

Next thing you know, you'll be making complicated sweaters on impossibly small needles for large men.......

depression and chronic pain go hand in hand. I've seem folks whose depression clears up when the pain is treated and often vice/versa. I'm just glad they are working well for you.

Sarah said...

I like the colorway, it's purty!!!

So this means you are in the normal range of crazy??? LOL j/k

Just Raven said...

I love the afghan pattern - and your yarn is not ugly. Maybe not what you are used to, but I don't see how it is ugly unless you got nervous and substituted another picture to trick us - lol. It is nice that a professional is the one who is declaring you normal.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading too long to believe that.

But I am really glad you are feeling better.

David Austin Smith said...

CONGRATS on being sane!