Monday, January 30, 2012

Problem solving.

Everyone seemed to think video of themselves knitting was a clever idea, for identifying problems. I thought I'd outline the two secrets to coming up with this kind of stuff.

First, look at it a different way. I learned this one doing bookkeeping. Won't add up? Add from bottom to top. Or left to right. Turn the page sideways. Something. Or, have someone stand in front of you with a video camera and record you, knitting.

Second, for some problems, it works better to make a list of exactly what you need. What's the priority here? About ten Thanksgivings ago, I was trying to figure out the Gravy Problem. You know, the gravy boat isn't big enough, and it always gets cold. I determined I needed something 1. larger, and 2. with a lid. Eureka. Since then we've served gravy in the tea pot. Works beautifully.


In other news, we were finishing up the Goob's winter nine-week period, scanning things and uploading them to the school. Since it was RIGHT THERE in the scanner, I got this for all of you:

Good times.


Jen Anderson said...

I love the gravy teapot idea. My Aunt Bea hosts most of my family's gravy-based meals and even with 2 gravy boats (large family), we have to send someone into the kitchen to refill them. I think I'll have to get them a gravy teapot.

Barbara said...

That is one awesome bat! Looks like a vampire bat too. Tell the Goob that when we're in Bonaire (down by Aruba) Durwood leaves a saucer of sugar on the patio wall and the fruit bats fly by with their little pink tongues out and lick furrows through the sugar. Once they have enough shoved off onto the floor they land and crab/crawl along licking it up. It's almost the most fun you can have in the Caribbean.

Emily said...

Yes! That is a great Bat! And you can read her handwriting, too!

Roxie said...

I know doctors that can't write that clearly!

A gravy teapot is a brilliant solution!

Anonymous said...

Gravy in a teapot - absolutely brilliant!!! Pop on a tea cosy - will stay warm even longer. And, "bat with attitude," love it. Jane

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- the Goob and Squish should do art together-- they'd be so good at it!