Monday, January 09, 2012

A dilemma. Or three.


My ability to concentrate is coming back. Which does very good things for the knitting. I've spent the weekend zoned out with a migraine, knitting another Half-A-Washcloth shawl.
...that's a ruler in there for scale. It's getting big. Many, many, glorious rows of garter stitch, perfect for this sort of thing. I started with 880 yards of yarn, and I doubt it's half gone yet, so this thing's gonna be even bigger than the last one, and it's about four feet long across the top.

Three months ago, I'd have stared at the walls or, at most, played Bejeweled.

When I don't have a migraine, I'm still slowly knitting on the PT Project.
I'm up to round 45 and slowly plugging away. I've discovered that if I wear my distance glasses AND my cheaters at the same time, I can focus on the TV, the knitting, and in the space where the two sets of lenses overlap, my pattern. Of course, then my nose gets sore. Of course.

Mind you, I haven't forgotten about that poor, poking-along KAL I'm supposed to be writing up, and I'm hoping to get my hand working well enough to get back to it before someone sneaks over here late one night and bonks me on the head with a #50. Which I richly deserve.

So, needless to say, I've got enough to do, especially since I'm still trying to get my hand working again after a year and a half of staring at walls.

But I've got this.
That's the yarn to knit a Watson Scarf from the newest Sherlock Holmes movie. (If you haven't seen it, the scarf actually has a role in the movie; Mary knit it for Watson, and at one point someone tries to take it from him and he punches them in the face. At that point, I knew I needed one.) I'd like to have it to wear this winter. And it'd be nice to upload it to the free pattern database sometime before the movie comes out on DVD.

The Husbeast got me a set of Signature needles for Christmas. He accidentally ordered the wrong ones and they had to be exchanged. (He still gets mad props because he ordered them without so much as batting an eye at the cost.) The new ones got here today. Which means I SHOULD REALLY CAST ON A PAIR OF SOCKS RIGHT THIS INSTANT NOW NOW NOW. (May I add, the folks at Signature were super cool about the exchange and it was done as quickly as the Post Office could make it happen. Good customer service there. I say this because I bitch enough about the bad, so I feel obligated to mention the good.)

Except there's all this other stuff.

Weather being what it is, I'll probably wind up zoned and knitting on the shawl again. But... damn!


Nicole T said...


Good to hear you're feeling well enough to pick up the knitting mojo again. I'm interested in what the finished doily is going to look like because the pattern on Ravelry doesn't have a picture.

Roxie said...

The Half-a-Washcloth shawl is turning out quite nicely and will be warm and comfy. I think of such mindless knitting as meditation.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yeah for being able to knit again...and they are looking good...

Emily said...

I think of mindless knitting as New York State Thruway knitting! Miles & miles of nothing to look at or think about. Yum, actually.

How on earth do you manage to home-school when you're dealing with chronic pain? I could never.

Donna Lee said...

I got some signature needles as well. I returned them for size and am waiting for them to come back. I love love love them, especially for splitty yarns.

I saw that Sherlock Holmes movie and wanted to walk out (I thought it was boring) but I remember the scarf. I'm not a SH fan but I do enjoy the new BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch (I love his name) in the title role.

Mandy said...

The needles look awesome! I got a Signature gift card, so I have to pick my favorite size and get them ordered! I'm glad you're feeling better!

NeedleTart said...

Good husbeast!! I got some carbon fiber needles and have been saving them for MY next pair of socks. Sadly, I have two and a half more pairs to knit for last year's seniors and one started pair for me to finish first. Let us know how they function..

Amy Lane said...

Yay! The Watson scarf! I loved that moment!!!!!