Monday, November 01, 2010

What's happening. not a lot. Well, it is but it isn't.

My brother is gradually improving. He's about half in the medicated coma, now; they adjust it. On bad days, for whatever reason, when his heart rate goes up, they medicate him more. He's been communicating just a bit, and things continue to gradually improve.

I am going to rag on him so bad about his insanely elaborate method of quitting smoking. He has no idea. He's got a trach tube in so he can't talk; he NEEDS to be conscious so I can take advantage of his inability to argue. Oooooh, I'm gonna go all Little Sister on him.


In the midst of running to Ohio every time I turn around (okay, once a week, but it seems like more), I'm also doing an elaborate evaluation with my pain clinic. I was supposed to do it when I first started there, but I thought things were insane then (ha) and put it off. I've finally admitted to myself that life is unlikely to calm down, and am just doing it.

So far I've done evaluations with psychology and physical therapy. Psych makes sense for a lot of reasons; attitude has a whole lot to do with pain control, not to mention they need to cover their own butts in terms of all the medication they give out. Physical therapy I was feeling rather surly about. I thought I was being polite. I WAS TRYING TO BE. I SWEAR. But the therapist said right off "I know you have hand problems, but your hand is attached to the rest of your body." When put that way, well, you can hardly argue. I didn't.

It looks like I'm going to be doing PT again. Sigh. My occupational therapy appointment is tomorrow, then they all get together Thursday and figure out what they want to do with/about me.

The only awesome thing about all this is that I drive past the yarn store every trip.

Oh, and they think working on my spine and shoulder may lesson some of the nerve damage symptoms. That won't be pleasant, but there should be a payoff. I hope.


I've been knitting. Really simple, basic stuff, because I'm otherwise insane. But that old adage "I knit so I don't kill people" has never been more true around here. (REALLY need to get that tee shirt.)

The rainbow batt that I spun? It did get knit into a scarf.
Goob scarf
The Goobie was delirious with joy when I gave it to her. Hasn't really been cold enough to wear yet, but it's nice and soft so she'll wear it this winter for sure.

I finished a pair of socks. According to the ball bands, those are from the same dye lot.
If they really are, I will eat the pair. Will wear them to OT tomorrow, and take a skein of yarn. Have started another pair. They are simple stockinette, warm, and awesome in their simplicity. Why was I doing all that complicated stuff, all these years?

Now working on a scarf, with this garish yarn I got at the yarn shop the other day:
Clown vomit
It is a 100% pure reeled silk roving-type yarn. One of the ones I love but don't knit with often because they're super hot and pill like mad. I don't care. This is a process knit and I am doing it entirely for tactile pleasure. Yum.


Home schooling continues apace. Have two more tests for this year's worth of school to finish. I'd wanted it done by the start of November (today), but live intruded. Hopefully by the end of the week.


I'm going to try to get back into the habit of blogging daily. I can find SOMETHING to blog about, and hopefully it will distract me from the crazy. I hope. Either that or I will share the crazy! Bwah! Fear it!



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the PT. I missed 2 weeks due to a very bad cold that I didn't want to share and I was sick enough that I wasn't doing the homework either. Now I feel like I'm starting over. Life really is not fair :(

Barbara said...

Fit and healthy, fit and healthy. That's my mantra when all I want to do is sit on my duff and eat chocolate. I'm battling depression, have new pills and they zonk me out. I'm trying to find a middle ground. Every other day meds, anyone? Now if I could only convince the doc...

I keep doing my miles with my arthritic knees, you keep doing your therapy for your hands. We can bitch to each other bloggily.

Goober quotes would be good blog fodder. I miss her. You too.

Amy Lane said...

PT people can be the nicest people. Make him laugh, and he'll hurt you so good! ~~~~ good vibes for your brother-- give him hell, Julie, you'll do great!

And since I just cut a good 25% of my blogging material from my repertoire, I'm gonna have a helluva time finding something to be really snarky about... expect e-mails... lots and lots of e-mails...

David said...

Glad to hear your Brother is improving Kiddo. Hang in there...

Donna Lee said...

Give your brother hell. Especially when he can't argue or run away.

I have discovered the simple joy of plain socks, too. I have finished 2 pairs and am starting pair number 3. There's something vaguely fascinating about piling stitch on stitch and making a whole sock.

Be gentle with yourself. It's been a rough patch.

historicstitcher said...

I don't know what's going on in the world right now, but there's Crazy hanging around here, too. Must be something in the air...

And plain vanilla socks? There's ALWAYS one in my purse. I'd go crazy if I didn't have it when I get stuck in traffic/by a train/ by the drawbridge/ waiting for kids.

Roxie said...

Therapy socks are a Godsend. No fuss, no stress, just knit, knit, knit. I do hats for the same reason. Not quite as portable, But i carry a huge purse anyhow.

Daily blogging might well help with attitude. You know everyone will jump in to support you. And PT should give you lots of blog fodder.

Hooray for Goober's scarf!

(Verificatation word: avotor - aliens that look like avocados)

judy said...

Sending good vibes to you and your brother. My friends call me the sock lady - I'm sure lots of knitters get that. Socks make great gifts for friends and family. Have you made a pair for the Goober? My grandchildren LOVE the socks I do for them.

Knot By Gran'ma said...

I do hope you get a chance to rag your brother out. All in the name of love, right? Ha!

I'm finding that now that I can knit, it is really soothing... well until I mess something up, but I'm sure that'll pass with more practice. Soooo... I'm glad to hear you're getting some in to ease your mood. Hugs!

Emily said...

Those socks...hysterical laughter.

I say, don't bother giving your brother hell. His body is doing a much better job of it than you could ever manage. Don't distract him from that. It'll feel good to yell at him, but that could be counterproductive. Get him annoyed enough, & his focus might change. You want him in a good long state of terror. So be ...I was going to say "sweet", but I guess not!...but gripe away from him.

If you HAVE to rag him, try asking for his taste in coffins or what he wants at his funeral, stuff to rub it in.