Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's aliiiiive!

...sorta. I've been stuck under one of those hideous seasonal migraines that change with the weather, and growling at everyone. So, imagine me repeating 'fuck' ten thousand times, and that's about what the last week's worth of blog posts would be.

So much for that blogging daily thing. Har.

Thanksgiving and Food Season are coming up, though, and that always gives me lots to blog about. I have hopes for more interesting... something. Soon.

If not I can always blog about the history of the toilet; I've been reading again. (FEAR IT!)


For about a year now, we've been letting the Goob get up alone in the morning since she does it at the asscrack of dawn. We would make sure the TV was set to something appropriate so she could turn it on, and we've always been pretty good about safety. Then one of us would get up an hour or so later. We trusted her to behave, and for most of the year, she did. Then, in the last couple weeks, she's been getting up to No Good. Nothing TRULY horrible that involved destruction of property, just things she knew she wasn't supposed to do. Then, earlier this week, I found this series of photos on my camera:

Since then I've been getting up with her. This morning? A QUARTER TO SEVEN. AM. ON A SUNDAY. There ought to be a law. (May get that last photo printed and framed for the in-laws this Christmas. It's too perfectly hilarious not to.)


The husbeast, in Son of Gadget mode, went out and bought a bunch of cables of various kinds, and, well, what with one thing and another...

(Please note matching cowlicks on the backs of our heads. It also may be obvious where the kid's curls come from.) That's me playing Plants vs. Zombies on my computer, using the TV as a monitor. Good fun. I still need to run Civilization and see how that works. Bet it looks awesome.

We have yet to buy living room furniture. I want to wait until the holidays (read: big, unexpected expenses) are over before doing financing, but, well, I may knuckle under and do it sooner. I can't handle having the main room of my house furnished with mismatched stuff from GoodWill and various family basements. It's starting to make me twitch. (Remember, this is on top of a year living in other people's houses and unfurnished apartments.) NEED BOOKSHELVES.


One thing migraines are good for, with me: Fiber. I tend to hole up with some movies or TV shows (Warehouse 13 reruns, in this case) and knit or spin in an attempt to ignore everything. So I get stuff done. I finished the Clown Vomit silk scarf yesterday; need to get a photo. It's gloriously awful. Like a lava lite, but different. I also finished spinning this:

It's a mixture of alpaca, firestar, and angelina (you can kinda see the sparkles) from The Critter Ranch. This is the second batt of theirs I've spun, and their stuff is wonderful. Fast shipping, and a really good combination of glitz and soft; if you add too much angelina to a batt, it can get scratchy, but theirs are soft as a baby's butt. Also, batts have to be packed carefully or they get all snarled and useless: Critter Ranch's batts always arrive beautifully perfect and ready to spin. In fact, they've spoiled me; lately I've been unhappy with other batts so I may be buying from them exclusively. At least until I get my own drum carder, heh heh heh.

After I finished the alpaca (which may get knit into a scarf for the Goob's developmental shrink), I started on some merino top I'd dyed myself:

This is getting spun into my usual chain-plied sock yarn, to knit socks for myself. I'm doing a lot of sock knitting lately. It's quite mindless, and I love it so.

That's about it for now. Hopefully the weather will be leveling off soon (I'd welcome three feet of snow; it cleans the air like a giant filter as it falls, and the temperature would stay steady). Brace for more blog posts about plants, by the way: I found the botany section at the used book store this week.



Louiz said...

mmm, Maisy Mouse. We found a series of photographs of the ceiling on our camera...

Hope the migraines are going away now.

Think how much more furniture you can buy for your money if you wait until the sales after Xmas...

Emily said...

Ahh. When you disappear, it usually means you're I'm relieved to see you post.

Yeah, my kids got up early, too. I remember my daughter waking me to ask, calmly, "Can you please help me clean up the mess?" She'd climbed up, gotten down the Cheerios from the high cupboard, then tried to pour milk from a carton too heavy for her. After that, I spent a lot of time half-conscious on the sofa to keep one bleary eye on her.

Hang on for your furniture! It'll be worth the wait.

Alwen said...

Maisy! Awww, I miss the days of Maisy Mouse. These days the kid reads me Dilbert, and knows how to find Scott Adams on the library computer catalog. Geesh.

Roxie said...

The close-up shoul be framed, saved, used for her facebook or blog photo. Heck, I may steal the idea and do the same for MY facebook photo. Goober has some great ideas!

Hope the migraine gives up and leaves soon. Nice spinning in the meantime. Seasons don't change much in Hawaii. Did you geet seasonal migraines when you lived there?

Corlis said...

Bookcases are easy to build if you get a power combination miter saw, a sander, a drill, boards and and trim. Trim covers a multitude of sins. You can build carcass and shelves from pine, use thin plywood for the backs, and have a sturdier set of shelves than if you buy put-together stuff. One word of caution, if you're thinking of floor to ceiling bookcases, get a professional to create built ins. They're safer when little one decides to climb the walls because "Mommy said she spent all day climbing the walls."

Amy Lane said...

You ARE alive! Oh, I'm so relieved!

And I'm so glad ours is not the only four year old who has gotten busy with a camera... we've got a series of perfectly embarrassing pictures of what our house looks like 3 1/2 feet off the ground! Feel better, Julie--but keep spinning lovely lovely fiber...

(spamword: remop-- as if I'd do it once!)

historicstitcher said...

I've been fighting the seasonal migraines lately, too, in a way I haven't had to for years. It sucks.

Love the spinning - show us some socks!

(trying to figure out the meaning of my verification word: opotome. Is it the opposite of epitome?

Mandy said...

Sorry to hear about the migraines! But the fibery results are lovely!

I was/am fortunate that my husband is an early riser, so he has always been the one who got up at 5 to let the dogs out and monitor the boy's antics until I could drag myself out of bed.

Donna Lee said...

Sorry about the headaches. That sucks.

Love the photos. I'd print both the hand and her face and put them together. they're very 'her'.

I'm listening to Stiff, the Story of Human Cadavers (Roach) and it's right up your alley. Interesting but in a macabre kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are priceless...and the last one made me bust out laughing so hard the cats peeled out of the livingroom. She is a keeper this Goober of yours. Missed your posts, figured you were deep in the thrall of Brioche Knitting...I checked that book out when I was shelving it at my library....too cool!


Ruby Louise said...

Hope your headaches depart soon.

Love the Goob's photography, esp the self-portrait. She's a cutie!

David said...

The Goob's got good taste in shows...

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