Tuesday, November 02, 2010


So. Given I have dexterity problems AND pain problems when my hands get cold, I thought the "Texting Mittens" from the current issue of Spin*Off looked darn nice, especially if I knit extra-long cuffs:

I don't really feel a need to spin all the yarn for them, or, really, ANY of the yarn for them. But I want something super-warm, to compete with the lovely gore-tex skier's gloves that no cold gets through, but are so thick I can barely drive in them. I thought some combination of wool, silk, and alpaca would cover all the warmth possibilities. Just one problem, though: I sweat. Like a... well, I won't say it 'cause it's rude. But my hands sweat a lot. It's one of the symptoms of this stupid nerve damage. So what do I knit the lining with? Something that, if it doesn't wick moisture well, should at least shed the stink when I wash them.

I was thinking closely-knit wool for the lining, and an alpaca-silk two ply (I'd spin that bit) for the outside. Or maybe stranded color on the outside layer, to double the thickness, one color in silk and one color in alpaca. (So I only had to spin the silk; I wanna spin any silk myself so it's tight enough not to snag, but I wanna buy the rest if possible so it's done before THIS winter ends.)

Thoughts? Anyone?


There have been several requests for Goober-isms in the last month or two. I don't have a list of them, but I'll share today's with you.

"Mumma, what's the refrigerator food chain?"


Bubblesknits said...

Those are awesome. My mom's hands sweat like that (from nerve damage as well). Any time I've knit her gloves, I've used a superwash wool and she's had good luck with it.

Anna M said...

My first thought is don't use merino. Merino will felt up on you with the movement and the sweat. Unless you have princess in the pea hands (my husband does to some extent) perhaps you could use Blue Faced Leicester which won't felt up like Merino does or even less prone to felting would be Wensleydale.

I'm going to PM you on Ravelry about this too because I have an idea (tm)

Michelle said...

I'd use wool knit on teeny needles a la gurnsey knitting that seamen (huh huh I said seaman) would wear on the ships. And maybe full the wool too for good measure, followed by whatever outer layer you'd like.

A said...

Bamboo or Tencel lining - a million sock knitters can't be all wrong. Black Diamond Bamboo is supposed to be exceptional for wicking.

Roxie said...

Being the girl you are, you'll probably do a series of samples and report to us on the results. Lazy me would go with bamboo/tencel inside, and wool two-color pop-over paws.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Goob made me LOL.


Corlis said...

No suggestions for the knitting, but I do have some for the simile.
Sweat like a grad student sitting for piano boards.
Sweat like a sailor on leave.
Sweat like a writer opening a letter from the publisher.
Sweat like a 90 lb freshman carrying 120 lb of bells in August.
Sweat like a knitter in a yarn house.

Leonie said...

Bamboo for the liner. It's warm or cool depending on your need, it wicks moisture and is naturally antibacterial at proportions of 70% so sweat doesn't leave a smell.
Good Luck.

Amy Lane said...

maybe a cotton wool combo, ala sockyarn? Small gauge, easy movement, warmth but some wicking ability?