Monday, August 30, 2010

Random musings.

As usual these days, I'm not quite sure what to blog about and have nothing terribly exciting to report. So I've gone through my phone (again) and taken some photos to blog about.


The husbeast, Son of Gadget, has always been very into rheostats (the brightness controls for lights), switches, and other gadgetry. Living in rentals, we never spent much money on anything like that because the only thing more ridiculous than fooling around with the switches in the first place was going back and fooling some more before we moved. So we've had a long series of cheap things purchased, installed, and left behind.

Well. Living in a house we OWN has gone entirely to the husbeast's head. Last week he went out and spent a positively horrifying amount (for anyone less than a gadget head) at the hardware store. I could knit a really nice sweater for what he spent. I've knit really nice sweaters for HALF what he spent. But when he was done, we had things like this all through the kitchen/dining room where we spend the bulk of our time:

On the right is what I call a 'gimp switch'. It's a simple rocker switch, much like a regular light switch, but about an inch wide. MUCH easier to hit as you go past, or with an elbow, or a knuckle on days my hand is really funky.

On the left is the controller for the fan/light over our dining room table. I fear the husbeast went 'round the bend. The gray buttons are high, medium, low, and off for the fan. The round green button is for the light; a simple tap for on or off, hold it down to dim or brighten. At the bottom is a master on/off switch.

He was terribly pleased with himself over this project, and I've gotta say, it is pretty nice. You should see what he did to the back porch lights; we could probably outfit a space shuttle with the stuff we've got in this wall. He's got plans to work his way through the house, room by room, doing this. He's insane. He married me. Go figure.


The Goober's beanbag chair exploded rather hilariously one morning a couple weeks ago, so we went and bought a new one. Nothing very newsworthy about it, but she was sitting in the back seat of my Jeep, patting it and talking to it, and it was cute, so I took a picture.


The Goob is also working on The Art of the Pout:

When she does this, I grab her bottom lip, wiggle it, and yell "WOOBIE WOOBIE!" Then she complains that I'm ruining her bad mood. Yup. That's my job.


There is a family legend about my father-in-law when he was a child. He would put his chair on his head, turn it, and then it would get stuck. After the first time this happened, his mother would stand and laugh at him for a while before taking the chair off his head. So, when the Goober did this on the back porch one afternoon:

I shouted "WAIT!" and ran for the camera. I sent it to my father-in-law's phone with the message "DNA frightens me". I'm told he shrieked with laughter when he saw it.


And Sekhmet is still a cat. She's really enjoying the front door.

Heard her growl at a dog the other day. Good kitty.


Emily said...

For a "non-blog", this is pretty impressive! Apparently,unbeknownst to you, your days are filled with these wonderful moments.

Anonymous said...

My hub spends money on tooling for his lathe or milling machine. Or motorcycle parts, car parts, welding get the idea. If the house needs something I get to buy it.
My pups are keeping me busy enough I haven't blogged for a while. I really should!

Barbara said...

When my daughter was a teenager and would yell "I hate you!", I would reply, "Yep. That's my job." Keep That in mind, you'll need it.

Congrats on the house, it sounds wonderful. I have family in Beaver Falls, are you anywhere near there?

Roxie said...

I really admire the Goob. I never know what to say to a beanbag.

PICAdrienne said...

That pout is not very convincing, probably the dimples peeking out. DNA is rather frightening. I gave my son the same middle name as my Grandad. Grandad died before my son was born. Son takes after Granddad in scary DNA ways. Who has ever heard of a 2 year old sorting silverware before putting it in the dishwasher?

Donna Lee said...

Having a house is a wonderful thing if you like messing with stuff. And there's so much to mess with!

Walden said...

Ah, the best part about owning a home, actually making it YOURS.

Perfecting the look . . . my sister use to stand in front of the mirror for hours as a child perfecting each look. She became scarily good. :)

Barbara said...

Tell the Goob next time she pouts what my Great-grandmother told us. "A bird's going to come and poop on that lip (or tongue, if we stuck that out.)" You'll be amazed at how quickly the body part gets reeled back in for a bout of the giggles.

DNA is scary; my brother's turning into Dad and my daughter's the spitting image of my great-grandma. I, of course, am totally original (Ignore whatever my mother says about me being like her sister. Just ignore it.)

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- the Goober looks SO much like you! She's gorgeous! And I love that the Husbeast can do stuff like that... you would not beLIEVE the shit in our house that does NOT get fixed!

mellian said...

My son and I lived with my parents. My mother would get so upset with me when I would punish my son. She would say to me "He's going to be AFRAID of you!" And I would say "GOOD!". He ignores me now that he's 34, not sure if he's scared or what! (snicker).

the mad LOLscientist said...

LOL! Goober with the upside-down chair on her head reminds me of my brother (around 5 or 6 years old at the time) putting a laundry basket upside down on his head, spinning it around, and announcing that he was an air conditioner. Hi, Goob!