Sunday, August 15, 2010

More pictures.

So, I'm hilarious? Hee. Okay. How about a random sampling of photos off my phone? With the accompanying stream-of-consciousness commentary. And be warned: The live-blogging of insanity will continue. Right. On to the phone!


One of our first and favorite additions to anywhere we live is kitchen lighting. We've done many wild things over the years, including installing huge daylight fluorescent bulbs in our last place in Charleston. With the skylight in our new kitchen (still freaking love it), daytime lighting is not a problem. But night, not so much. So the husbeast put in little LED lights under the cupboards, so we can wander through at 3AM for a drink and not go blind with the overhead lights. The best part with these new LED white lights is how little power they use; we can leave them on all the time and barely notice it on the power bill. Plus, the LEDs don't get hot.


Remember yesterday's mention of safety shoes? Instead of my pink with skulls, the husbeast goes for the more traditional checkerboard Vans.

It's a shame we can't get Vans with steel toes.


Last month we did a tour of the husbeast's work place and I finally got to see what he inspects. He works on turbines. These are the innards of one. Imagine high-tech water wheel, used with steam, petrochemical, and, well, anything imaginable.

I thought they'd look more like the blades of a fan or a boat propeller. Silly me.


Favoritest thing EVAR. Those LEDs I was talking about? The low power draw means you can run them forever off a small battery. Which means ALL KINDS OF FUN STUFF! This is a little gizzy that screws onto the end of the water spigot in my kitchen. When you turn the water on, the LEDs sense the water, turn on, and the light stream turns the color of the light. Blue for cold water, red for hot. In the middle of the night, it's like having a swig of alien mouthwash. When the Goob spotted it, she said in an awed voice, "That is SOOOOooo cool."

Got it from the wondrous people at Think Geek. I'm gonna e-mail them and ask for a USB glue gun. They'd be the folks to make one.


A while back, Grandpa stopped on his way through to the east coast. The in-laws are really enjoying the guest room. (So am I; I sleep in there when the hub's snoring badly.)


It rained the other day, so the Goob went out and jumped in the rain.


The Goober has also discovered my old motorcycle helmet. She feels particularly clever when she puts it on herself. Watching her reach in the helmet and pull her hair out of the way cracks me up. Sooooo funny.


And, some views of rural PA.

Tomorrow I'm really serious about finding the living room floor. Look out, I might blog it again.


Anonymous said...

I am just glad you posted. I was getting worried.

And yes I did smile st stuff ;-)


Emily said...

I'm glad you posted, too! When you don't, I imagine you bedridden, moaning in pain. Fascinating stuff!

bobbins said...

Yes, thank you so much for sharing your unpacking duties!

The water faucet light is sooooo coool. Goob and I would have been standing there together admiring the simple awesomeness of it.

So happy you are finally making a home in your very own purchased house! Congratulations.

verification word: frastsh

luneray said...

and your posting about finding the living room floor will no doubt be just as enjoyable as your post about making a rack for your ribbons! :D

Louiz said...

Oh wow! I have LED envy:)

Roxie said...

What a splendid trip! I feel I've been down a rabbit hole.

Yeah, LED envy!

Barbara said...

Oh, the water I'd waste if I had a light like that. I'm with the Goob, that is sooooo COOL.

Love her in your helmet. The hair is to die for. Can't wait to see your living room floor.

verification word: favabut-what Hannibal Lecter gets after eating his therapist with "fava beans and a nice Chianti." slurp

Anonymous said...

Some turbines in power plants still do look like boat propellers. My hub works on the control units!
When I got to do my one and hopefully only kitchen remodel, I add a 4ft by 4ft skylight over the island as the nearest window was a 'miiile' away. We also put in under cabinet lighting and I love it!!!

choperena said...

You say this as if there are parts of PA that aren't rural. And you say the husbeast works with petrochemical turbines? Hmmm, I might need to look into the Pitt area if I can't find a job in State College.