Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maybe I'm still annoyed.

Dear P & W BMW:

Today at around four PM, I got behind one of your fleet vehicles - #13 it said on the back window - poking its way up ____ in ____. It was going about ten miles an hour under the speed limit, in the left lane. The left turn signal was on for about ten miles, with no turn that happened, that I ever saw. The driver was on the phone. When I tooted the horn in the hope the driver would start paying more attention, I got a waved hand and nothing changed. The waved hand may or may not have included a raised middle finger; I honestly couldn't tell.

I can think of two scenarios here:

1. That was one of your sales people, who needs to understand THE NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS IS ALL OVER YOUR CARS and he is essentially driving a mobile billboard for your business, or

2. That was some sort of loaner car for your service department, in which case YOU need to understand it is a mobile billboard for your business, you have no control over their driving, and it would be wise to remove said advertising from it ASAP.

Either way, in this lousy economy, I can't really understand why a luxury car dealership would be so incredibly stupid as to offend potential customers with every mile driven. I know that I, personally, would never do business with you. Life is too short to give my money to people stupid enough to do this, let alone trust them to fix my vehicle.

With annoyance and disgust,
Julie _____, thankful to drive a Jeep and not have to deal with you people

Then I pushed "send". The husbeast's comment, "Don't hold back, now."

Grrrrrrrr rawr.


Tesha said...

I've done that before. Although it was a phone call rather than an email. Guy was in one of those smaller semi-truck kind of contraptions doing anywhere between 10 to 15 miles under the speed limit on a major road and as I passed I saw him texting. He was holding on to the steering wheel with only the downward pressure of his wrists at positions one and eleven, phone in his hands. After I saw him swerving a bit I decided it was my responsibility to make sure his boss knew how talented he was at multitasking. Thankfully we came to a rather long red light so I could read the company phone number. Whomever answered the phone seemed surprised that the driver was practicing his skills and thanked me for letting them know of their employee's dedication to excellence. heh

Anonymous said...

Man I hope they text you back.


Alacaeriel said...

I was in the car when my mother had a similar encounter, once. The moron was driving his company van, and tried to get between us, and the truck in front of us. Unfortunately, there wasn't space for him, so he effectively tried to run us off the road. Unfortunately for him, his phone number was all over his van, so we rang it. ...and got his wife. Yeah... she wasn't impressed that we rang, but I think she was more unimpressed with her husband.

Of course, she then rang his mobile, and he answered, and tried to get us to pull over on the side of the road - repeatedly. That wasn't fun. But we were happy that his wife knew about his antics, because she apparently didn't until we rang.

Amy Lane said...

YOu're my hero. Just flat out my hero!

Roxie said...

And you sent it? Yay for you!

Roz said...

Just don't do what I did recently.

Pulled up in front of my condo, which sits off a teeny rotary. Asshole with a "Pizza" sign on his car blasts through rotary and nearly hits me as I'm getting out of my car. He stops at the stop sign -- I get back in my car and tail him to the "Pizza" shop. I demand to speak to the manager on duty and point out said driver to him. I tell him what happened and that I'm going to report his business to the local police.

I thought the manager was going to faint. All I did was write a letter to my condo association letter, but the police read it... So there.

Also: except for my sister and brother-in-law, BMW drivers are dicks.

Barbara said...

I. Love. It.

Hooray for people who get involved. I detest drivers who are talking on the phone, they're all over the road, fast, slow. They're a hazard and a menace. Good for you.

Experimental Knitter said...

Didja get a license number to report to TPTB in PA? Isn't it illegal there to drive while yakking on the cell?

Emily said...

I'm with Experimental Knitter there. Jeepers.

David said...
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David said...

OK, I've gotta do my Christmas BMW story now. While we were still in College my Brother drove over to my place to pick me up. We were going to drive together from Columbia Missouri to our Christmas Break in the Mojave Desert. As I open my apartment door my Brother announces, "My car is acting weird". In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to make the trip in his car. We drove all the way into the middle of Kansas and stopped to fill up. The car never started again. We were stuck there that night and the next day waiting for our Dad to drive from Ft. Irwin and pick us up. The lady at the local Diner counter got to spend some quality time with the Smith boys. Soon enough ol' Popsidoodle arrives in the trusty beamer that is now sporting a brand new addition. QUESTION: "How can you tell if a Missouri Family is well off? ANSWER: They have a trailer hitch on their BMW". ::drum roll:: So we push the broken vehicle up on the car trailer and head off towards the parent's house in the Mojave. First driver is David. With Dad and Brother sleeping. Second driver is Dad. With Brother sleeping. Third driver is Brother. With Dad, David and Brother sleeping. Needless to say not being awake makes it hard to keep your vehicle and car trailer on the road. Nothing prepares you to be woken up and think "Wow, why are all these cars driving around us in circles?" They weren't. In the mountains outside Flagstaff Arizona we spun into the median throwing frozen earth 200 feet down the Interstate. Here's the damage: Trailer both tires flat. Brother's car, both rear tires flat. BMW only has a notch cut out of the chrome on the rear bumper and the brand new trailer hitch is sporting a new 90 degree angle. I heroicly pop the trailer off of the jammed hitch. We hop in the Beamer, and zoom right up the frozen slope onto the Highway. Most other vehicles wouldn't have fared so well in the crash, and probably wouldn't have made it back up the frozen embankment. So I'm partial to BMW's. PS. Two days before Christmas is a bad time to notify your Mom that her Husband and her only two children were in a car crash in the Arizona Mountains.

Nicole said...

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Tesha said...

Wow.... you're so popular you're even getting spam in your comments! heh

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