Monday, August 16, 2010

The living room.

Today's task.

Someone mistakenly put two boxes of books in the living room, and they actually belong downstairs in my office. So today's self-bribery: One load of books hauled down and put away, one level of Bejeweled played on the computer. We'll see how that goes. (Self-bribery is the only way I get ANYTHING done, and I've got to find an alternative to cake.) I originally thought it was ONE box of books and was rejoicing Saturday when I finished it up. Then I started opening the boxes left to see what else I had to deal with, and, fuck, there was another box of books.

Stray boxes of books. Yeah, that's so rare when we move.

Oh, and I have a migraine today. I've recently figured out that caffeine triggers them (shock!) and so I've been limiting my intake. So lately, getting a migraine is good news. It means ALL THE TEA I CAN DRINK! Hey, if I've got a migraine anyway, why not?

Just found a $40 pair of gloves. Not the $40 pair I bought last winter; ones I thought were lost. Apparently they were lost in a moving box. Now I've got two pairs of expensive gloves. Yay? Well, my hands will be really warm next winter. Though even after I lose one pair, I'll never be sure if they're Truly Lost or just hiding somewhere. Again.

Need more caffeine.

Making a separate stack of books I want to re-read. Oh, this won't take long at all.

Husbeast and Goober arguing over TV. About to ground both of them.

Box emptied. Still a pile of books upstairs that I want to read again. Well, it about half worked.

Looking at the lair, I keep thinking if everyone would just leave me the hell alone for a week, I could knock it into shape. Haven't they done studies showing that constant interruption is hell on productivity? I've got a potential case study, RIGHT HERE.

Found an 18"x12"x12" box entirely full of loose photographs. No idea where in hell it came from. I know the people in the pictures, though, so I guess it wasn't a mixup.

Husbeast talking about putting a mirror on the ceiling of the guest room.

Now making tea by the pot.

Need to knit a tea cosy. And a mixer cosy. And...

Pot of tea made. Drinking while contemplating the weirdness of the universe.

Pile of floppy discs thrown out. Feeling old, and/or geeky. Pretty sure both.

It's faintly possible, barely, that I've had too much caffeine.

Trying to find the energy to shelve some stuff in my office. Doing it will require hauling a ladder or step-stool inside from the garage. Hence the distinct lack of motivation. Maybe I'll have more tea.

Self-bribery works better when I'm bribing myself with cake. Which probably doesn't surprise anyone, but I'm throwing the info on out there, anyway.

Whining child is whining.

Thinking about baking bread. Can you say 'avoidance'? Hey. I could bake a CAKE, couldn't I?

Husbeast started a load of laundry and went to work. Contemplating homicide.

Did I mention the husbeast is on nights? Meaning our schedules are all fucked up. Meaning, oh yeah, NOTHING IS GETTING DONE!

Fuck it. Going out on back porch with kid, to play for a while.

Wait. Husbeast is folding the laundry. Canceling mulch plans.


Friend helpfully sent me a link to the Vogue Knitting fall preview. Ha ha. I'm surrounded by smart-asses. (Do not ask me if I'm looking in a mirror, thank you.)

Child humming the theme from Rawhide, or a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Not sure which.

Now have theme from Rawhide stuck in my head. Damn. It.

Screw it. Day declared a wash. Gonna go read some of those books and have another go at the living room tomorrow.

How's that for an exciting blog post?

Still want cake.


Raychill Canuck said...

So, I've seen exactly 2 pictures from the Fall Vogue preview and I can't wait to hear your review.

Emily said...

It is a perfect blog post. And you deserve cake.

Anonymous said...

We still have boxes of books sitting in the front entry hallway... need more bookshelves.

Would you mind posting a picture of your tea pot?

comment captcha of "knisat" was amusing. I kept trying to type knitsat as well

Catie said...

I like these blog posts - although now I want cake...

Roxie said...

You want a tea cozy? How big is your tea pot? I GOT tea cozies! I got patterns for tea cozies. I got yarn to knit cozies and fabric to sew cozies. (Said in Artie Johnson's dirty old man voice)You want a nice cozy, little girl?

Shrimp on my tongue, waiting with baited breath for your Vogue review.

Unpacking is always a voyage of discovery, isn't it?

Leonie said...

I'm loving this window into a week in your life. It's nice to know that the craziness that goes on in my house is not isolated :-)

Terby said...

I can't imagine who would ever send you that link. My my.

Anonymous said...

Well, have cake and go get the vogue! I saw some pics... and I am really, really dying to read your review!
And Roxie, you do realize there are now people who have no idea who Artie Johnson is?? And I even recall all the total horror of how blatant that show was! That was then, huh?? Deb

Betsy said...

I looked at that Vogue preview yesterday and I admit thinking that you were going to have a field day with some of the items...some of them might even bring you a much needed laugh...

Thanks for bringing us the running commentary on normal life...

Barbara said...

Mmm, cake is always good. What kind cake you got? I like cake. Maybe I'll make a cake too, a chocolate cake. Even Durwood likes cake. I'd better go to work or there might be a cake accident. Good luck with the unpacking.

verification word is "sucis" obviously the Latin root of "sucks"

Donna Lee said...

Decaf tea. I know. It's not as good but it helps keep the migraines at bay. I switched a few years ago and after the caffeine addiction induced headaches went away, I learned to like a good glass of unsweetened decaf iced tea. No calories and I can drink as much as I want (now!with anti-oxidants!).

Louiz said...

Must be something in the atmosphere, I have a migraine out of nowhere today. Am babying myself. Don't pile books to read otherwise you'll end up with them all on the floor (voice of experience.)

Mel said...

You might want to do some googling on how the fluoride in all the tea you drink can affect you. I gave up tea five years ago (as well as toothpaste with fluoride) and the mental fog I was in went away as did the GERDS. Once again, we were sold a bill of goods on how WONDERFUL fluoride is for you.... NOT!

Can't get it all out of the body but tamarind does get some out. If you are vaguely interested, I can dig out the study links I've been collecting for years now.

Amy Lane said...

I'm waiting for you to start cooking... cake-- HA! From you in this stress, I expect tiramisu!