Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seven Layer Salad

After this move (and a batch of crumb cake that was a total dud), I've decided I'm posting all the recipes I can think of to this here blog. That way I can find the damn things, later. Today we're gearing up for the hub's birthday party tonight, and I got voluntold to do the salad and some cupcakes for the kids. I'm using the cupcake recipe under "chocolate" in the sidebar. And after asking the husbeast what salad he wanted, I made Seven Layer Salad last night.

Seven Layer Salad is a great thing for a party because you make it the night before and let it sit, then toss it at the last minute, and it actually tastes better for all the sitting. Rare in a true salad. (Also - in Hawaii, folks eating this thought it was TERRIBLY exotic. Which is funny, 'cause everyone makes it here. Pretty sure it's an Amish Country Special.)


-large head of lettuce, torn up
-salt and pepper
-six to eight hard-boiled eggs, sliced
-two cups frozen peas
-one pound bacon, cooked and crumbled
-two cups shredded mild cheddar cheese
-two cups mayonnaise
-four tablespoons sugar
-chopped green onions.

Get a honkin' big bowl and start layering the ingredients, in the order they're written. Dump in the lettuce, salt and pepper it, lay on eggs, then put in the rest - peas, bacon, and cheese. Then mix the mayo (real mayo, not that Miracle Whip crap) and sugar, and spread it over top. At the last minute, throw in the green onions and toss the salad.

It's supposed to serve ten to twelve, but I've watched friends plow through a quarter of this, all by themselves, going "wow, this is really good, what did you say the dressing was again?"

We leave out the onions, because half the family horks on them. And the mayo/sugar combination makes a really wild dressing that makes people unfamiliar with the stuff say "What's this dressing? It's awesome!" then they boggle when you tell them what it is.

I seriously doubt this is actually healthy. Probably why the husbeast loves it so. Enjoy.


Emily said...


Oh, great word!

Those bags from KnitPicks look truly beautiful, but, alas, over here I don't think anybody in my family would use one. Sigh. I'd love to do one.

Barbara said...

Hey, watch it, I like Miracle Whip. Mom used to slice a banana the long way, smear on Miracle Whip and call it salad. I love 7 Layer Salad. It's delish.

Roxie said...

I bet you could add a can of red beans to this. Or sliced radishes. Or heck, anything that goes with bacon and mayo, -- and what doesn't when you come down to it? Hope it's a swell party!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we live in MI, my husbands hometown. My MIL makes this salad and it is SO DELISH. NOM NOM. I'd never had it before we moved back here.

Robin said...

I like that word, "voluntold", too. I think Mr. Webster ought to add it to his dictionary. I'm with you on that 7-Layer Salad. It's yummy! I've thought of adding my favorite recipes to my blog, too. I'm forever hunting for them. Your new sweater project looks very daunting! Can't wait to see it as it progresses.

Baby nuke said...

Oh no, the navy has permanently affected your brains! First it's "voluntold," next thing we know it's "pillows of death" and "deep-fried hampsters."

Anonymous said...

This is a regular in our family, except that I add the juice of 1 or 2 lemons to the mayonnaise/sugar combo. It has to be fresh lemon juice. Everyone loves it.
Judy F.

Allison said...

Happy Birthday, Husbeast! We'll be having a salad in your honor.

PICAdrienne said...

Interesting, our version has green peppers instead of hard boiled egg. Our layers are in a different order as well, ours ends with the bacon on top. Going to have to try your version, it is always a hit.

eta: my verification word is consci, so, is that when group consciousness takes over?

Amy Lane said...

Uhm... that probably tastes AWESOME, but... mayo. *shudder* So many things I like that have it in them, so many ways it makes me gag until it's in the food...

MLJ1954 said...

Our recipe from our Mom was that it could be as many layers as you wanted as long as it had the basics:

Lettuce, eggs, peas, bacon, cheddar cheese, onions and, of course, the dressing.

We have added sliced green peppers, shredded carrots, chopped walnuts, sliced mushrooms, chopped water chestnuts, slightly steamed snow peas.

I have added the water chestnuts to the "must include list." I also make a separate container for my husband since he doesn't like the dressing (any dressing, actually, which is why he is still wearing the same size jeans as when we got married 29 years ago).