Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home again, home again.

We were in fact at the lake with the husbeast's family - his mother and her siblings, and some of their kids and grandkids. Yesterday afternoon there were thirteen kids under the age of 11 running around (counting the Goob). I'm pretty sure they outnumbered the adults, but my head was spinning and I'm not going to think about it.

It was a lot like the Mongol Horde, only shorter.


Turns out the guild that That Neighbor belongs to is doing a workshop on spinning novelty yarns. They need to let guild members sign up first, but if my luck holds, they'll have room for me, too. Mid-October. Whee!


Knit in the car the whole way to and from the lake, and also at the lake (in an attempt to cling to sanity). Got about two inches done, and for the first time I'm thinking it may be within the realm of reality to finish at least one of these Lustkofen before Christmas.

I'm thinking every time I finish one of these huge balls of wool from Bendigo Woolen Mills, I will celebrate. Probably with chocolate.


Have located (at the local library) a copy of a book on color theory. It's one of those that's either impossible to find, or costs eleventeen hundred dollars. I'm looking forward to a good read, and intend to subject my readers to the details.


Nalamienea said...

oo! definitely subject us to it! :) Strangely, in a lifetime before knitting and Math degrees, I thought I wanted to be an interior designer, so I've taken a few colour theory college classes. hehe Very interesting stuff!

Barbara said...

You left off the "jiggity-jog" from your post title. I miss the Mongol Hordes; it gets a bit quiet around here some days.

Galad said...

Making progress on knitting despite the Mongol Horde - priceless :-)

Bring on the color theory!

Emily said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy....good things coming.... color theory from Julie!

Amy Lane said...

Knitting to stay sane... brilliant concept... I practiced it a little today...

It sounds like a riot--and a good time! Keep us filled in on the spinning novelty yarns!

Donna Lee said...

I, too, miss the hordes of youngsters all running around my house. We had so many sleepovers (I have 3 daughters who all invited 3 or 4 friends) so it was usually lively. Now, they're gone off to find their fun elsewhere and it's quiet. No real complaints, just a bit of nostalgia.