Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Butterfly Factory.

Last week we took the Goob to a nature preserve where they had a butterfly garden. There were chrysalis everywhere you looked, so the Goob started calling it the butterfly factory. 'Cause that's where butterflies are made. Makes a lot of sense in a four-year-old kind of way.

We saw lots of butterflies, of course.

And the biggest honkin' caterpillar I've ever seen in my entire freakin' life.


For those of you wanting to know where I am, here's a hint:

(Seriously, if you want to know, e-mail me. I just don't want to blast it around the internet.)


Lately, the Goober's been doing this:

That's her new books for her Tag Reader System. Her favorite is Kung Fu Panda, and I like it because it's got lots of sound-out-words games.


And here's the yarn I finished last week.

If everyone would give me five seconds to myself these days, I'd have more to show for it. It was easier when I was under the weather; I got to stay home and actually accomplished stuff. Now I feel better and it's off to the library or YMCA or grocery store every time I turn around.

PS: looks like we got the internet fixed. Knock on wood. If I can find any in this information age. Knock on silicon?


Roxie said...

Intriguing clue. Red carnaations. They make cars in Yugoslavia, don't they? So does that make Yugoslavia a red car nation? Did you go to Yugoslavia?

Donna Lee said...

Knock on formica? Or is that outdated?

Alwen said...

Urgh. About the size of a tomato hornworm, which gross me out ever since the time I tried to get one off a tomato plant and pulled it in half. *shiver*

I usually knock on my head. ;)

Amy Lane said...

Oooh... purty yarn! And the Butterfly Factory... me LOVES it! And I have NO idea where you went!

baby nuke said...

I'm reminded of cyprus gardens, but a picture of a duck would be a better indicator of that.