Thursday, September 10, 2009

It figures.

Living here in the House of Gadget (my father-in-law has been known as Gadget Man for many years; the husbeast is Son of Gadget) it was inevitable that the husbeast and his dad would decide to upgrade, well, everything. You would not believe. Anyway, they got around to upgrading the internet service last week, and in the midst of all the messing around (the house is old; cable guy spent two days here running cable), they got hold of a dud router. The new one is on the way, but in the mean time, internet access is sketchy at best. I'll blog when I can.

Just imagine me huddled down playing Civ IV and thinking "I should really be knitting".


Finished spinning the orange stuff and navajo/chain plied it into a triple-ply sport weight. It is soft and warm and squooshy and perfect for my Nefarious Plan. (I'd include a photo, but, well, I don't have one, and don't know if I've got the internet to upload one. I don't want to hog what little bandwidth we have, when the hub is using it to do a job search and my FIL is doing his job with it.) I've got two more 50g bags of the stuff, and I'm planning to spin them up between other projects. Spinning such a small amount of pencil roving goes really fast, and with this really nice fiber it's like having lemon sorbet between courses of a heavier, more serious meal.


The Goob's been quite a hoot lately. We took her to the library last evening, and I made a run on the craft section while the Goob went to the children's section with her grandma. At one point, she ran away from her grandmother, thinking she'd come find me. She got as far as the entry, a marble-lined echo chamber of a space (the only space in the whole damn building that isn't lined with books and therefore nearly soundproof), lost track of her grandmother AND me, and screeched at the top of her voice, "MUUUUM!!!" Every person in the building had to have heard it. I stepped into her line of sight and hissed "What happened to quiet in the library??!!??" and she ran to me and it was okay. But DAMN.

And lastly, the Goober Quote of the Week:

I was spinning and listening to music. The Goober came over to chatter at me and dance. She apparently liked the music.

GOOB: I wike dis. What music is it?

ME: Lenny Kravitz.

GOOB: Wenny Kwabits?

ME: Yes. That's the guy.


Barbara said...

Gotta love the Goob. And someday soon some teacher is going to tell you she needs a speech therapist. I missed when my son stopped saying he yoved me.

Louiz said...

Hope the bandwidth improves, but sounds like things are good - love the goober, enjoying your music too.

deirdre said...

I'll never wisten to Wenny the same way again...

Roxie said...

Yeah, I wike wenny kwabbitz, too.

And my verification work is ackspect. "Ah ackspect it'll rain t'day."

Amy Lane said...

That's funny-- one of chicken's first sing-along songs was "I want to fly awayyyy..."