Sunday, March 01, 2015

And then-

Nothing really happened. I've got a nerve block Tuesday and the cold's been brutal, so I've been hunkered down reading and doing fiber stuff. How about pictures? That's all I've got.
Honu's getting into this spinning thing. She keeps investigating the wheel, poking at it mostly. She tried to bite the drive band WHILE IT WAS SPINNING the other night, I'm waiting for it to pull out a whisker.

She also likes yarn, which is news to no one.

A couple weeks back, I had the dye stuff out and decided to do a gradient. They're getting more popular, but are hard to find in really bright colors, or unusual combinations. This one probably counts as both.
I'm trying to get some decent yardage, so I can knit a lace shawl with it. Something really traditional. So far, so good:

That's a comparison shot, with my hand. On the left is the spinning, on the right is #10 crochet cotton. I'm hoping for 800 yards but would settle for 600.

I also am trying to knock out a really quick gift, a shawl, "Damask".
I feel rather 'eh' about it. It's not a bad pattern, just not one of my favorites. Part of the problem is that the lace charts use a blank square for purl and I'm used to blank meaning no stitch or knit, so it's really screwing me up. And apparently I can't count to seven, either.

So, not much going on. Typical end of winter behavior for me, I've hunkered down with some fiber and I'm not moving again 'til it gets warmer out.


alicyn said...

those colors are beautiful!

Barbara said...

Standardized chart symbols would be nice, don't you think?

Love the bright colors but also the calm muted gray/green of the shawl.

I wish I could hide in a cave with my yarn and fabric right now. I'm tired of being cold.

bekswhoknits said...

counting is hard!!!!

I hate it when charts decide to change the meaning of something.

Emily said...

Wait! We've had the Oscars and no fashion review from you??? I languish.
I'm tired of cold too, and snow. But the spinning looks beautiful.

Irene said...

Hope your nerve block went as well as mine did. Best wishes and glad you are back to blogging.