Friday, February 20, 2015

I married a crazy man, part -- what was it, again?

I'm a slob. I mean, I know I'm a slob, I'm not arguing that, but. Having lived with that for a while, wouldn't someone begin to realize that, hey, stuff on the floor doesn't mean, well, much of anything?

Last autumn, a fleece blanket (NOT HAND KNIT) I was rather fond of was thrown on the floor. It disappeared, and I figured the husbeast had taken it downstairs to the man cave, where it usually lives on the back of the couch. Eventually I asked where it was, and he said, oh, he'd put it in his truck.

That made sense. We're sitting here now under a severe cold advisory, and it's -2 F outside. So even though his commute is six minutes long, I could see keeping a blanket in the truck for the winter. I keep a towel in my Jeep. (All love to Douglas Adams aside, I got in the habit when I was in school the last time, when I never knew when a "study group" would wind up on a beach somewhere.)

Tonight, with the cancellation of school tomorrow, the Goober started the construction of an epic blanket cave. Over dinner, I asked if the blanket was still in the husbeast's truck. He said it was. I said, if we brought it inside now, it might be thawed for the kiddo to build with tomorrow.

Well, no, he'd used the blanket to pack the rusting-out wheel well. It would need washed.

Washed. It's been picking up road muck for three months of winter and it "needs washed".

If I'm out tomorrow I'll just swing through Target and buy another blanket.

I... just... what?

ETA: He brought the blanket in and was very nice and didn't act like I'd flipped out at all. It's a bit dirty, but nothing like I had expected.

Now I'm left with his stories yesterday of how he and his buddies would clean out mops while underway by tying a rope around them and throwing them overboard to splash through the ship's wake. I'm told it worked great.

Maybe I should just declare being boggled my natural state.


Freyalyn said...

I'd put him in the 'need washing' pile. In a boil wash. Honestly - men!!!

Barbara said...

The Husbeast isn't crazy, exactly, he's just a man. Their thinking is more... linear than women's. Blanket on floor for more than an hour, ergo, good blanket for packing wheel well. Blanket is blanket. There aren't a lot of levels of blanket-tude to a guy.

Emily said...

Well, after all of that, I hope it adds nicely to the Goober's blanket structure. Which is what matters, after all. And I hope you both are invited in.

Donna Lee said...

We have an old Mario Brothers sleeping bag in the back of the car. Impromptu picnics. You never know, right?

I can't stand things left lying around. I used to pick up the girls' things and make them earn them back. It didn't take long for them to learn not to leave things out!

Linda said...

That cleaning of things by letting them get churned by the water in the ships wake - that's true. My husband did/does it all the time! It does work well. ;-)