Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So yeah. Spinning. Finally.

Spent the last week trying to upload photos and I still don't know WTF. It was supposed to be pictures of spinning.

Oh, fine, NOW it works.

Well, right there above us is a sample I made for my students (!). Chain/navajo ply on the right, true three ply on the left. Everyone always wants to know the difference and it's usually pretty obvious when you put them both together; these were spun from two halves of a single braid, so the colors themselves were exactly the same.

Yep, that's right, students! The big news (in fiber, at my house, anyway) for the last year is, I'm now a spinning instructor at Natural Stitches in Pittsburgh. It's been fun, and my students are learning, so we're all happy with each other.

However, being a teacher? I feel like something of a fraud, because for instance, that true three ply up there in that picture? Only one I've ever done. I know how a lot of this stuff works, mechanically, but have never done it. So lately, I've been trying to fix that.

Here's a cable ply.
Looks all complicated, but really it's just a four ply that you create by making a two ply, then plying it back on itself.
I finally spun some shorter fibers. This is camel, I think. Maybe yak. With silk, and enough wool to make you not scream when working with it.
I'm enjoying my new magnifier thingie on my new iThing, I'm getting some great close up pictures of all kinds of stuff, including yarn and fiber.

This is some swap yarn I need to get off my ass and mail. Not my preferred colors, but it turned out okay.

This was another sample for my students: It's dual drafting, in this case using regular wool and some glittery angelina what the hell held together and spun at the same time.

I don't know if I blogged last winter's insane-athon. I'd wanted as much yardage as possible, so I'd spun it as fine as possible, which apparently is pretty damn fine. It was half silk, which also makes the frog's hair stuff easier to do. It took three damn months.
I got 750 yards of three ply yarn out of four ounces of fiber. I'm pretty sure that's a new record.
I'm never doing it again, at least not without a tensioned lazy kate. That was ridiculous.

I even know what I want to do with this yarn. It's just a matter of finishing sixty other things first. As usual.

Right, finally got the spinning photos to show up. Maybe tomorrow I can mess around with something new.


bekswhoknits said...

They are all so pretty. Oh so pretty.

I can't wait for my boyfriend to get around to fixing my wheel. It's calling out to me louder and louder every day it's not fixed.

Emily said...

Don't feel like a fraud! Heavens. I've been teaching all my life (not spinning) so I know the feeling, but in reality teachers frequently are just one step...or chapter...ahead of the class, which feels pretty awful. But it happens. The good part of that is learning something new for yourself. What you're making is just amazing. Really beautiful. I am not brave enough to take up spinning.

Sarah R said...

Gorgeous stuff...I wish I lived in Pigsbird.

Lissa said...

You are making me want a spinning wheel. Stop making me want a spinning wheel; I'm a poor college student.

(And when I finish being a poor college student I'm going to be a teacher and marry a graduate student, so then I'll be half of a poor young couple. So it'll be quite some time before I can afford a spinning wheel.)

Never mind that I'm obsessed with fairytales, so I need a fairytale wheel in my life. :P