Thursday, January 16, 2014

Properly camouflaged.

The whole chronic pain wrist thing has been going just swimmingly. (I'm sure there will be great rantings in future months, I'm having Doctor Issues.) One of the better treatments for it is an NSAID patch; you stick it to your skin and anti-inflammatories soak in RIGHT THERE without bothering the rest of your system.

You may have noticed, however, that wrists are kinda bendy. Flexible. Like a little miracle, really, if you watch it under real-time X-ray. Which is really cool, and useful, but keeping pain patches stuck to them is a tad iffy. Enter the self-stick medical adhesive tape. Stick on a patch, wrap the tape around, and you're good to go. Works a treat.

The one minor drawback, more a mild irritation really, is that there seems to be some strange portion of humanity who thinks that any bandage on a wrist means that person tried to slit their veins. (Because, as we know, there are no wrist injuries in the multiverse other than self-inflicted.) (Okay, yes, you could say this one is sorta self-inflicted, but I inflicted it with a motorcycle, not quite the same thing.) The husbeast has been along on some of these encounters, and is mostly annoyed with a dash of boggled. We've both been dealing with the nonsense for fifteen years, but intensively for the last four since I started wearing the pain patches a lot.

This is all just a setup so you get the joke. Really.

The husbeast was at the local farm store a couple weeks ago, and in the horsies aisle he found rolls of self-stick medical adhesive, meant for horse's legs. They were printed with different patters. I'm always buying the stuff, so he picked up two bags; one of pink and black zebra stripes, and one in standard camo. He came home and presented them to me. I looked at the patterns and said "The camo's to hide the bandage and keep people from noticing, isn't it." He laughed. Because of course it was.

It is SO unobtrusive.

(But it makes me smile.)


Elliott Mason said...

At least it mostly doesn't look like a bandage now (at least, in that picture); it looks like a fashion statement. :->

Amy said...

Oh yeah, vet wrap is a cool accessory!

Donna Lee said...

It always amazes me at what kind of questions people are willing to ask. Complete strangers. I blame the internet (not really but it seems to be fashionable to blame the internet for everything. It's replaced the television and Mom for everything that's wrong...)

Roxie said...

Looks like a wrist-warmer, and I have a niece that will SO want to do this. She adores the pink camo.

When people ask me intrusive questions I say, "Why would you ask that?" and then I stare at them like I suspect they're an alien life form.

Or, if I'm in a good mood, I make up lies. "How did you break your wrist?" I'm white-haired and overweight. I tell them I got into a fist fight over a Ralph Lauren dress at the last Nordstrom sale. Or I tried to take a half-pipe on my skateboard. Or I got thrown off my dirt-bike. Whatever tickles your fancy.

So glad to have you back!

Deb said...

Too cool!

You need to make a wrist sock. Just think of all the crazy knitting you could do.

Emily said...

Oh, that is COOL! I love it!

Anonymous said...

how about a sticker that says " Please Note: Motorcycle injury, I did not slit my wrist, thank you for your continued fucking off." in a tasteful font