Friday, January 24, 2014

Blanket hog.

I think she's getting the hang of this whole housecat thing.

Seriously though, that brown blanket beneath her? When the sun isn't shining right on it, I can't tell if it's the blanket or the cat half the time.


Roxie said...

Sweet baby! The part of the blanket that bitches when you move is cat.

Ellen in Indy said...

I'm late to your welcome-home party, but happy to see that you are back!

Another good use for the vet-wrap or the narrower width: stopping bleeding. About midnight a few years ago, i tried to break up a fight between Grandgirl's cat, Spooky, and Scruffy, your Sehkmet's evil boy-twin.

Slash! One of Scruffy's canines (they oughtta be called feline teeth) left a long gash on the back of my hand. It bled like crazy and needed stitches, but I was home alone with Grandgirl. The urgent-care center had closed more than an hour ago and i wasn't about to drag Grandgirl down to the ER, scene of the Friday Night Knife and Gun Club's weekly gathering, just so I could get a little cruel embroidery.

Covering the slash with gauze and wrapping it with Coban (the brand I happened to have -- there must be others) stopped the bleeding almost instantly.

The next day, the physician's assistant glued my skin back together and told me i might have a scar because i hadn't gotten stitches. I restrained myself from telling him that if i had gotten stitches, that scar probably would have been flanked by tiny scars from the stitch punctures, thankyouverymuch.

Good to know about the patches, since my thumbs are affected by osteoarthritis. If i ever go back to the rheumatologist who thought i should get a knotted arm ligament substituted for the affected bone, followed by 4 months of p.t., I'll ask about those.

Amy Lane said...

Aw… sweet baby kitty...

Galad said...

That's a pretty cozy looking cat. Definitely getting the hang of making herself at home.