Friday, June 15, 2012


First, thank you, everyone who offered sympathy and yarn, after yesterday's post. I really appreciate the offer, but I'm going to sit back and enjoy the extra space for a while.

Those of you who offered half-finished projects REALLY made me laugh.


I've had some questions about the knit-along. I DO need to finish it, so I'm going to get that going again, though I'm still knitting at the speed of dark. Sorry for this awful delay. If it's any comfort, uh, it's been awful? Really.


There was a question in the spinning wheel post, about treadling with one foot on a two-treadle wheel. Yes, it's possible, and in the short term, no, it's not going to hurt anything. But I do think if you do it long enough, any wheel is going to develop stresses it wasn't meant to, and start acting funky. That may take a while, though; just depends. (Factors include wheel type, age, type of wood, type of connectors, type of cam, etc etc etc.)


The Goober comes home Sunday, we think. The grandparents were kinda vague, and we don't like to get all detail-obsessed, considering it's summer and a vacation and everything. We've been getting periodic photos; I think the Goob's in a bathing suit in at least half of them. She's having the time of her life, and I expect her to sleep a couple days next week when she gets home.

Then I want to take her to Kennywood, just the two of us, as a reward for finishing all her school stuff.


If anyone remembers the missing ball winder, it turned up. Contrary to internet rumor, it was NOT found with Jimmy Hoffa. It was in a box. In the basement. In The Pit. Which is where I always thought it was, really.

Now I have a ball winder for each floor. Whooee. Living large now.


I have put the lace-spinning whorl on my wheel and am practicing up for the Tour de Fleece.


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ellen in indy said...

you're taking the loss of so much yarn, fabric and other items with a great deal more equanimity than i think i could muster. i'd be creating a small-claims-court scene worthy of a sequel to "alice's restaurant."

and I'D probably get a blind judge, too.

so better to let it slide like water off a duck's (sheep's?) back. it's not worth letting your stress level hit mach 3 or score a 6 on the richter scale.

enjoy your quiet goob-less days; a break is something all moms need from time to time, and it's great that she has g'parents who are eager to have her visit.