Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Der spchinningk.

Mit der leetle roundieround.

I've begun setting aside a certain time of day (Goob's bed time) to spin. Because if I don't, I'll never do any and that's just sad. Since it became an event in my own little head, I began announcing it on Twitter. But, you know, "Yay spinning!" is so boring. Instead I began announcing it properly, like so:


This is entirely Dieter's fault.

Yes, I've watched too much Saturday Night Live. But it strikes me as oddly appropriate, since the entire blog and my on line knitting persona are named after Samurai Hotel. (People think I'm Samurai Knitter because I think I'm awesome. Um. No. It's because I act like John Belushi in those skits, when my knitting doesn't go right.)

Well, after a few nights of "Und nao I schpin", that got very boring. So I started doing more, including having conversations about spinning. All in very bad fake German*.

Today, I was muttering about der predraften nonsensen mit der katen floofder. There was a great deal of katzen flooder, and I started shouting for a flammenwerfer. But it struck me. Katen floofder is the perfect name for the crap I'm picking out of my spinning.

From now on I think I'm going to be doing all my schpinningk in uber badhorriblen Deutch. Especially der katzen floofder bits.


*The smattering of German I've picked up over the years is from three sources: Mennonite kids I grew up with, music appreciation and theory, and der strikken patterns. To say my vocabulary and accent are unusual is a major understatement.


kris said...

Heh. I know it's supposed to be faux German, but when I read it, all I hear is the Swedish Chef.

Donna Lee said...

Saturday night live was so much a part of my high school experience. If you missed an episode, you had nothing to talk about in school!

John Belushi and Dan Akroyd were so good together. What a loss his death was (kinda like losing Gilda, another amazing talent)

Roxie said...

Hmm - hyu are startiink to sound chust like der Jagermonsters in "Girl Genius" Are hyu mebbee der Jagerschpinner?

Anonymous said...

Machst du garn?
There is a great language ad for Germans wanting to learn English. Young guy, first day on coast guard radio duty. Older mentor leaves and of course a mayday call comes. "Help we are sinking." And the poor newbie finally gets the radio on and asks, "What are you sinking about?"

Barbara said...

sounds like the Dutch people we go diving with in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. shpreken zie skuba divink?

every hobby should have its own language/accent. lately my knitting language has been "yawn" but my sewing has been profane, so I sew in Samurai Knitter-speak. you're such a creative and enthusiastic with the swearing; I aspire to your greatness.

Emily said...

I am in awe of your fälschen Deutsch sprechend. What a great idea. German is such a satisfyingly crunchy language, too...perfect for expressing frustration or rage!French would not cut it: too sweet. too elegant.

Kate said...

Have I ever mentioned that I <3 you? I wish I lived closer, so you and I could get together and sit and spin and speak with bad German accents all day. (Though I'd beg you to forgive me when I occasionally lapse into a bad Swedish accent instead).

Anonymous said...

I am laughing my ass off at this. I never knew knitting was so entertaining!