Monday, June 18, 2012

Geek-out Monday.

Maybe I'll try a regular weekly thing for a while, see how that works.

This is what I've been reading about, looking into, watching, and, well, geeking out on.


The new thing, sorta, is electronic textiles. I've been looking into conductive ribbons and sewing threads, and LED lights you can sew on like beads, that actually work. (You have to sew in a battery holder, and an optional switch, too.) The only reason I haven't gone absolutely wild, is because I can't decide what to do first.

The Goob's halloween costume this year will be fun, though, I guarantee.

You can drool over the stock HERE, like I've been doing.

Also? Conductive fiber? That I could spin? SO TEMPTING. Just to say I did it.


Girl Genius has introduced wasp-hunting weasels, and they're adorable, and I'm trying to figure out how to knit one. Not for the Goob. For me. And I know a trilobite tattoo would be over the top and I'd regret it in ten years, but I really want one.


The Tour de Fleece is going to start on June 30! (How did it get to be June? Seriously?) This year I'm joining the sprinters, who are spinning lace. That seems the best way to stretch the Fiber Optic fiber I  got into as much yardage as possible.

We've got plans for the 4th of July, lots of them, for three or four days. I intend to take my spinning wheel. What's the hell of having pink hair if I can't be eccentric?


The GOP is still blocking jobs bills, ones that are meant to fix infrastructure while getting people working. I've ranted about this before, so I'll try not to get started again. But I don't wanna hear anything about "small government" as an excuse after the GOP has spent all year passing anti-abortion bills. It's not small government to regulate my body, and they should quit using it as an excuse to block things they think will make the president look good.


I'm still playing WAY too much Plants vs. Zombies. And there are new levels of Angry Birds Space AND Angry Birds Seasons, so it's a miracle I got anything at all done today.


I am reading "Cannabis, a History" by Martin Booth. It is exactly that. A fascinating, unbiased look at marijuana and hemp (medical/recreational and industrial) through the ages. All plant freaks would really enjoy it. I've been saving up a blog post for weed, and maybe when I finish this book, I'll actually do it.


The merino/silk/cashmere blend is finally spun, as in the singles are done. I started plying it together two nights ago, and it is taking FOREVER. I hope that means lots of yardage, because I'd like to knit a lace scarf or shawl with it. But right now, it's just ply ply ply.

Haven't had to cut myself loose with the ply ball, so I think I've got it.


Donna Lee said...

I'm trying to spin some lace for the TdF as well. I've managed to get some thing singles but I need them to be thinner to be a 2 ply lace.

I'm not sure you'd regret a trilobite tattoo. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. (but I kind of promised my husband I wouldn't get any more tats)

LEDs that you can sew into clothing? I want some.

Roxie said...

How about a henna trilobite? Semi-permanent tat anyway.

The sew in LEDs are cool,but baffling to my non-tekie brain. You could probably sell a tutorial on how to use them. I knitted an angler fish hat with an LED in the angler's dangle, but the RadioShack battery pack was heavy for a hat. This dead fish hat pattern is addictive due to the wide variations in possible fishes. I'm trying to figure how to knit a hammerhead shark.

Emily said...

What would I ever do without you to find me these fabulous things?

Angela said...

I would love to see some photos of what you're spinning. Also completely agree with you on the whole GOP stop regulating my body BS. Jeeze.

alicyn said...

1- i love the idea of geek out monday. :)

2- have you heard of make magazine? i think that's the first place i saw projects combining textiles, conductive thread, and LEDs. i still haven't made anything, but in my initial obsession/research phase (at least a year ago) i found a free 104-page pdf online: "open softwear: fashionable prototyping and wearable computing using the arduino" by olsson, gaetano, odhner, and wiklund. it has cool examples like touch-sensitive embroidery and incorporating how much a zipper is zipped into a circuit.

3- have you heard about the new magnetic nail polishes? i thought of you when i saw them... i hope that isn't too creepy, i'm sort of a lurker but i do read your blog all the time!

alicyn said...

p.s. i emailed you before about horizontal cables and you pointed me towards elsebeth lavold's "viking knitting" which was pretty awesome. i decided against using them in my KAL sweater, but i have a ton of impressive-looking swatches. :)

Amy Lane said...

God, your random posts are so entertaining. Just being in the same room with you would spread some coolness my way, you pink-haired tornado!