Monday, May 21, 2012

Nothing owrks.

Was gonna fix that typo in the title, but I thought, no, that's really how it's gone around here.

I finished the yarn.
Can't decide whether I'm gifting it, or keeping it, or flinging it. It's spun really unevenly, and there are fuzzy bits where the plying went wrong or there was gunk in the single:
Not my best work. Not close.

But, screw it, it's done, at least. Now I think I'm going to get going on my annual winter socks that never got done last winter. I've got the raw material.
It's merino silk blend. And when spun right, the silk acts like nylon.


Not much else. We're slogging through school, and the annoyance of it. Had a major migraine hit, made doctor's appointment, am working toward seeing a neuro. (Plus there's that maybe-seizure maybe-migraine WTFery at the movies last week). Blah, blah, fuck, hell, poop.

Anyway. Some Goob funnies.

First, I had a pair of scissors out on the porch this morning. (Because there was a KNOT in the yarn I'm using to knit this color-gradient scarf, and cutting it out DESTROYED the color flow, so I am FURIOUS, because THE COLOR SHIFT WAS THE ONLY REASON I WAS WORKING WITH THIS CRAP YARN.) Ahem. Scissors. They're little-kid safety scissors, the blades maybe an inch and a half long. I keep them around to cut steeks and stuff like that. They were laying on the seat of the swing, next to where I was working. The Goob says "Can you please move those scissors so I don't sit on them and accidentally cut my butt off?"

You gotta love a request like that.

Then, I was making dinner, and she spotted a can of bread crumbs. She looked inside and said "Oh, chicken powder!"

Now I'm imagining instant chickens, just add water.

Bock bock, motherfucker.


Emily said...

Oh! Chicken powder! What a great idea!'s been done...argh.

Galad said...

Gotta love the Goob's view of the world :-)

Donna Lee said...

Reminds me of the "whole roast chicken in a can" that I saw online a while back. If you haven't seen it, you should. Ok, but maybe not if you like chicken. It's pretty ugly.

Barbara said...

Chicken powder? Where'd that come from? I love it.

Sorry for your seizure/migrane/WTF. Hope you're better soon.

Lindsey said...

I just started spinning, and decided I wanted to dye the first skein I made with the sample roving the people I bought the wheel from had given me. I read your article on dyeing with food coloring in Knitty Spring 2007 and I found it SOOO helpful! Thank you for all of your wonderful insights! It came out great, especially since it was my first time spinning and dyeing.

Roxie said...

I love your yarn! People pay extra $$ for handspun yarn because it has character. I want my handspun to look rustic. If I want something spun with machine-like precision, I'll buy machine-spun yarn. And your colors are yummy!

Love the Goob. How would she live if her butt was cut off?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing Goob's observations of the world. That was just what I needed to brighten the day! I'm now imagining the scissor weight loss program infomercials. It looks a lot like the Monty Python picnic skit....

Hope your brain starts behaving nicely soon.

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- go Goobie! Way to make mom's day!