Tuesday, May 01, 2012


The way lunatics do!
Yes. I drove the Jeep into the back yard, the hub wrapped a tow strap around the pine tree with mange, and we ripped it out. Also the testicle topiary, and a couple things at the other side of the porch that looked like ass. We dragged them all back to the compost pile, and now I've got this to work with:
It's still going to take days to get all the damn landscaping rocks out of there. And I'll probably be raking up little bits until the end of time. But my very gradual plan is very gradually going. Next step is to get a wagon or wheelbarrow to hall this crap around in.

With luck, our insane rollercoaster weather has finally leveled off, and this two week migraine is gone. (Because if it's not, I'm resorting to a neck tourniquet. Or trephination. I've had it with this shit.) Then things will get moving again. I've also cut way back on the drug that makes me zone out and stare at walls. Woo.

So. Here goes something. I think.

Gratuitous spinning photo!

This is Frabjuous Fibers' merino sparkle blend, in "Purple People Eater". It's almost Purple Trainwreck - just needs a dash of aqua. I love this fiber blend so much (65% merino, 35% firestar nylon) that I went and got two more hunks of it, this time in "Iris" and "Deep Space".
Now if only someone would have the jumbo flyer/bobbin set in stock for my Kiwi, I could really do some damage.


Kitsune said...

Oh, I have some Frabjuous Fiber too! Mine isn't sparkle, it's BFL top, but it's the Purple People Eater as well.

Donna Lee said...

I didn't know they made a jumbo flyer for the kiwi! I'll spend hours searching today.

We used the same method of gardening to remove the shrubbery in the front of our house. Tied it to the bumper hitch and pulled it out. Not crazy, just efficient.

Regenia said...

Definitely interested in hearing the gardening adventures. And maybe learning some from your experiences. We are ripping out almost all of our landscaping (and getting funny looks from the neighbors while we do it). Main front beds had bark mulch and landscape fabric- they came up pretty cleanly, along with 25 purple liriopes, 6 golden eunymous, 6 boxwoods, and 2 unidentified dying things. Other beds in the front have rock and landscape plastic. These are a mess, but so far we've gotten rid of 4 nandinas and 4 more of the unidentified things. Still an island bed and the back to rip out- 5 more nandinas, 15 more liriopes, 3 more unidentified things, and the rock/ bark combo (?!?) that the previous owners put over plastic. I'm going back in with edibles, and planning on using the newspaper and fresh mulch plan of weed control. Any comments? Any ideas on what to do with a truck load of bark/ lava rock combo?

Jen Anderson said...

Your ex-topiaries remind me of the spiral trees my former landlady took with her from one house to another when she moved. I imagine that the former owners of your house loved those god awful topiaries.

Speaking of migraines, have you ever had your jaw checked by a TMJ specialist? I finally went after the Botox my neurologist gave me failed and my handy new dental appliance has actually improved my migraine situation. Your results may vary, of course, but it might be worth checking out.

Barbara said...

I got my 2 little planter boxes filled with fresh soil and salad seeds this morning (it was raining and I wanted the free watering), now I have to cut some chicken wire fencing to keep the bunnies outta my salad. Yay, spring! I hacked out a ton of ornamental grass that is threatening to take over my front corner bed. Why did no one tell me it's the cockroach of the plant family?

Emily said...

I gather that the causes of migraines are varied, but what worked for my daughter was being taken off the Pill. I really like reading your blog and hate losing you to pain & stupor!

My favorite part of gardening is destroying things, i.e., weeding. We have deer here, in great abundance, and it's truly hard finding things to grow that they won't eat...or building tall fences that are somehow still within the village code.

Amy Lane said...

OKay... the idea of spinning is starting to take over my brain! Stop making it sound so attractive!