Tuesday, May 08, 2012

And then, silence.

Or perhaps crankiness. And a shitload of rain.

There's a blog post in the works for sometime this week, an international knitting knews kind of thing. But there's more research to be done, and at the moment I'm whacked out on Benadryl from all the freaking allergens and general crap.

And so, I ramble.

Today the Goob's schoolwork vaguely discussed the moon landings and the concept of astronomy and the study of it. Which made me snort, because the kid and I have been reading her astronomy book for a week or so now, with details on the Hubble Space Telescope and the Large Megallanic Cloud and all sorts of DETAIL.

Next year I want to try "real school" for the Goobie. I figure, before I can REALLY say whether it's working or not, we need to try it. Sort of a comparison study. We've done guided home schooling, now we're going to try school schooling. If that doesn't work, I may try completely-off-the-grid schooling, meaning I make up the curricula myself. But, the kid soaks up information like a sponge, and is already ahead of the game in science and reading and social studies. The real issue is where she'll thrive. We'll figure it out, yet.


It looks like maybe I'm going to the Great Lakes Fiber Show at the end of May. Traditionally, every time I try to go to some kind of fiber frolic, something horrible happens like having to replace the hot water heater or the engine in the husbeast's truck, or I've had a month long migraine, or something. Very tentative. But I mentioned it to my mother-in-law, and she wants to go.

The discussion was rather amusing. I sent her the link and gave her the date and asked if she was game. She was sort of like "well, I don't know... it's like a county fair? animals and stuff?" I said (paraphrasing this roughly) "There's a market place." My MIL paused. "There's YARN?" she asked. "Yes. And spinning fiber, and many other good things." That was all it took. MIL was in.

With luck, we will both make it, and will be there Saturday morning and early afternoon. We hope.

Unless the heat pump/AC unit in the house goes out.

Knock on some wood, people.


Amy Lane said...

Okay-- don't jinx it! I'll root for you and your fibery goodness!

And school has it's advantages... and it's not so much advantages...

Donna Lee said...

I have a feeling the Goober will thrive wherever you put her for her education. Her natural curiousity will supplement whatever they give her in the public school.

Sometimes I wish I'd had a mother in law (pk's mom died when we were in high school). I'd like to think we would have been friends.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for delurking (hello, you rock, etc.) - but this reminds me of Fred Eaglesmith's song _Alternator_, which is apparently more obscure than I knew (but is on grooveshark and lastfm, as far as I can tell). Sample lyrics -

"My momma lives (blahblah) line (?)
I pick her up for church at a quarter to nine
Last Saturday night, she called me up
Said 'Tomorrow, son, I think I'll walk.
You got problems of your own -
Might be the alternator, could be the coil.'"

Excellent tune.

Also, excellent homeschooling. Keep trusting your instincts.

Roxie said...

Best of luck with the show. Don't buy more than you can carry. Will the Goober be joining you?

Lisa said...

I hope you make it to the show! I may be there too on Saturday.

Emily said...

If it's anything like Rhinebeck, you'll have a blast.

I agree: trust your instincts on schooling.

MagHag said...

Knocking wood for you and me both. I'm also planning on going Saturday. Hope the weather cooperates.

sagie133 said...

If you end up back homeschooling, get in touch and I'll help figure out what to do then.