Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Germs should be bigger.

So I could kick them.

Finally off the medication that left me fucked up for more than a year, and within days, I'd contracted the germ that the husbeast brought home and shared with the Goober. Now I'm full of snot and hoping to avoid pneumonia.

I'm knitting on the super-zombie project, because I can't concentrate on anything remotely complex like the KAL sweater or the BSJ I'm knitting. With that in mind, you're stuck with random topic jumble.


It is still green and pretty in my end of the world, but temperatures are feeling a little autumn-like. The leaves better change quick, because it's not unusual for the first snowfall to hit in mid October.

The Goober is going on and on about how she can't wait for winter. I know she's got sled riding and hot chocolate in mind. I have not called her any names. Yet.


A while back I made this up to send out to someone I was talking to, so now I offer it for - hopefully - mild interest. This is my neighborhood. We're sitting on a natural gas field, and the little red dots in the picture are gas wells. There are lots more in the area, not much further away, but those are the immediate ones. I think the one at the bottom right of the picture is the one that's getting struck by lightning every storm, that I see out my front window.

The odds of a lightning strike igniting a gas well are low. The odds of igniting the gas field is astronomically low. But I always think of Centralia, and think that Pennsylvania is a very weird place.


On a related topic... did you know awesome sunsets are usually an effect of lots of dust in the atmosphere? Yup. That's why Hawaiian sunsets are so awesome (Kiluea), and why, when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991, everyone in the world had amazing red sunsets for at least a year.

The picture above? We live east of Pittsburgh, and the sun sets 'behind' the city. Another cause of dust (and other crud) in the atmosphere is city grunge. So thanks to Pittsburgh, we get lovely sunsets almost every day.

And, I'm in danger of coughing up a lung again. I'm going to go drink tea, whine, and be really irritated.

PS: I painted my nails.


Donna Lee said...

There is some nast creeping crud going around here as well. Trying to forgo the antibiotics, I am fighting it off myself (without the decongestants which might make my head feel better). I am not optimistic for the winter if I'm sick already.

I thought about Centralia when you mentioned the gas field. Pennsylvania is an odd place but also beautiful.

And sunsets? I've wondered about what they looked like before we put all the schmutz up in the atmosphere. Were some beautiful becasue of volcanos? Were most of them just boring? But I'm not sure how a sunset could be boring. I think I'm rambling here.

Barbara said...

This season is made for colds, at least here in good ol' Green Bay which is in a dip in the earth that gathers the air crud and is cool and rainy. Can you say "particulates plus mold"? Can you say "cough, cough"?

Don't you think that the names of the planets and seasons should be capitalized? Every time I write 'earth' I think it should be 'Earth' since it's the proper name of where we live. Earth (lower case e) is what my grandma called dirt, er, soil, but I think Earth is all its grandeur deserves an upper case E. Sorry for the rant, I'm fasting today for a procedure tomorrow and am a bit touchy.

Nice nails.

Emily said...

Very cool nails!

Roxie said...

If we could see germs, what would we do about them? There are so many of the little bastards after all. Good ones as well as bad ones.

Forest fires also produce awesome sunsets, and did so long before man was around to appreciate it. Heck, Brontosauraus farts may have made the moon look green. And I guess the Northern lights are just line-dancing across the sky right now! Man is an element of nature, just like forest fires and sunspots.

Best of luck fighting off the crud.

Amy Lane said...

Baby, my kids have had the crud, and I so feel for you! But the sunsets are purty and the green nails are pretty, and frankly, after watching Gaslands, the gas wells scare me...