Saturday, September 10, 2011


The cheaters got here.
Now that I'm working the kickass librarian look, I will knit like the wind, get these sleeves done, and get this KAL moving. Sorry about the delay. I've already tried them, and I CAN see now, and they do work, so things will pick up soon.

Oh, and if it looks like my hair matches my glasses in that photo, it's because I dyed it this week. It was supposed to be purple, but really looks more like magenta. Oops. Colors get really unreliable when you put them over white hair, did you know that?


In other news, the Goobie celebrated her sixth birthday.
I daily wonder how in hell I wound up with this, this KID roaming my house,
but it's been a hell of a trip so far.
I'm sure it'll just keep getting more interesting. I mostly can't wait. (The idea of her asking for car keys does fill me with a bit of terror, though.)


Last, least important, and most annoying, Sekhmet is on a diet.
Since she was a stray, she associates food with security. During Hell Year I let her graze her head off, and never really cut her back after. Oops. So now I'm cutting her down to reasonable helpings of food. (She's also getting bacon, steak, cheese, and other table scraps in small quantities, so don't feel bad for her.)
She's grown increasingly more irritated.
The other night she woke me up at 3AM, by whopping me on the head.



Emily said...

You're back! You're back! With magenta hair & more Goob news!

Amy said...

that's what they make bedroom doors for. keeping the cat(s) out.

Amy Lane said...

*choke snort* Yeah, well, diets make the best of us cranky. She's a fucker-- not the best of us. (well, okay. She may be the best of all fuckers. I'll give you that:-)

Happy Birthday, dear Goober, you're as perfectly quirky and brilliantly oddly wonderful as your mother:-)

Anonymous said...

I was worried you were in the flooding area. Glad you can see now! Happy Birthday, Goob!!!


Barbara said...

What happened to that curly-headed baby? Wasn't the Goob a toddler just last week? Happy 6th Birthday beautiful big girl!!!!-from your biggest fan in Green Bay

Excellent glasses--and they go with your hair. Seeing's good, isn't it?

I often feel like bopping someone on the head in the middle of the night when I'm on a diet, which is ALWAYS. Gah.

Alwen said...


You've got the food. Now give it to me.

Anonymous said...

bwhahaha. the cat wants to know why she's being punished :p

(also it's somewhat appropriate the captcha was sacker?)

Donna Lee said...

Kids are fun but teenagers are even more so. When they start to realize that mom and dad really don't know everything, they become insufferable (in a laughable way) for a bit but then they continue to be fascinating as you watch their brains make connections and develop new ideas. I love teens.

And then they develop into lovely young women who, if you're lucky, still like you and want to spend time with you.

Rooie said...

Happy birthday, Goober!

Love the hair. I find myself wondering lately if a 56 year old Federal employee could get away with hair like that...or blue... Hey, I already wander around the office draped in shawls.

Our cat Duncan wakes me up at 3 a.m. by whacking at me...but all he wants is attention. "Pet me! Pet me! Admire me! Now, rub my ears!! Okay, you can go back to sleep now."

Roxie said...

Look at thtat vast snowfield of Sekhmet belly! Perhaps you should consider global worming?

Six? Before you know it, that girl is going to be shaving her legs! Please explain to her that she needs to get written permission from all of us before she turns seven.

The red glasses totally rock.

Roz said...

Whomp. Fucker.

I'm going to say that Bobo tonight -- because he's going to whomp me for being asleep.


Love the glasses, btw.

Anonymous said...

Good gravy, how did the Goob get to be six already?? Happy late birthday! And love the hair and the glasses, J :-)


Alicyn said...

when my friend first put her cat on a diet she thought it was going great... until she discovered that the cat knew how to eat from the big bag of food. when that was fixed, crankiness ensued. :)

Annmarie said...

Oh love the hair! The glasses are kick ass too I have some cat eye ones in a similar color. But they slide down my nose something fierce so reading glasses only.