Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A spot of irony.

Just a tad. A tiny little bit.


Yes, it's true, the alleged expert (though I've never claimed to be one, except sarcastically) knitter, me, the one leading the KAL...

Fine, I'm having some trouble with the sleeves, okay?


So, if everyone would be patient just a bit, I will re-knit this:
a little bigger, and get these stupid sleeves done, and we will continue onward, without me bitching any more.


The good news is,
I think this will make a great hat once I knit a top to it and add about a hundred flowers. (Possibly some I've crocheted, if I ever figure THAT out, oh, hell, not going there again.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go knit a metric butt ton of leaves.

This is what I get for coloring outside the lines.

PS: Just cleaned an unholy amount of crud off my camera lens. Pictures should look better now. (Good grief.)


Shoveling Ferret said...

Heh, making the Goob a vintage floweredy swim cap with the leaves as the band would be awesome. Sort of like this:

Might be fun to solicit knitted/crocheted flower contributions. Then she can show off her hat with contributions by crazy internet people. :P

Carol said...

Not to be disrespectful but, does Goob have a thumb growing out of her back?
LOL. sorry, I just had to get my nose up to the monitor to figure out what that was. I kinda think it might be her foot.

It's a cute picture. I'm just giving you a hard time. hehehe.

No hurry on your sleeves. I am still to the elbows. I got delayed by a new weaving loom and a new woolie winder on my spinning wheel. I had to play with my toys. Love 'em. But I did knit on my sleeves today.
Thank you for walking us through this sweater. Once we finish I can see new sweaters in my 9 year old's life and other family members. It is so much faster than what I have knit in the past even though I as slow as a 2 toed sloth.

Freyalyn said...

Is that my Greenleaf Cap or have you independently used that border? It does work well for a hat.

Roxie said...

The Goob has a laurel wreath! Way cool. And if she throws it in her beanbag chair, she can rest on her laurels. I'd be happy to contribute a flower to her hat.

Donna said...

I see a hat pattern!!!!

Barbara said...

I'll make a flower for the Goobie's hat! I can crochet, and even follow a pattern (every once in a while).

Barbara said...

P.S. Irony is the opposite of wrinkly.

Amy Lane said...

Goob gives it a thumbs up! That's a good thing, right?

Louiz said...

Cool hat! If you're serious about the crochet, big warning here. Mind how you hold the hook. I hold it like a knife. Has caused serious wrist pain. Hold it like a pencil, which is the "correct" way to hold the hook.

Tweet me if you want advice on the actual doing of it though.