Sunday, August 14, 2011

Queen Crankypants.

I've decided that's my new title. 'Cause I am.

I hadn't been blogging because, well, hello, cranky! but I've realized that, heck, you guys think I'm funny when I'm like this, so what the hell am I waiting for?


I've regained my ability to concentrate. At least for this week. So I've been spinning. Quite a lot. Sometimes I drag an appalling amount of electronics out onto the back porch with me (iPod, docking station, net book, phone/camera, and of course a fan) and spin out there.
The Goob wanders in and out, splitting her time between the sand box and her great new love, Cartoon Network. I can't stand it, but school starts up soon and I'll start up an "educational shows only" rule. Can't wait.

So far I've got one bobbin of Burning Rum:
And I'm working on a second bobbin. I've changed my mind, and rather than socks, I'm going to do a two-ply lace weight and knit something lacey and neck-warmey for winter with it.


Oh, the pink hair? Yeah, it's not bright enough.
But, it's a start. Next time I'll try more heat with the blow-dryer while it's on my head, that might help.


It's gradually sinking in to my stubborn brain that we really have moved into the boonies. Last night I was sitting out on the back porch after dark (yes, spinning), and this BAT flew past. A BIG BAT. I'm fairly used to bats, and knew we had them around here, but this one looked like a freaking OWL. And we have those, too. I hear them hooting late at night.

Then, we've got this hedge back in the back of our yard... it's like a mini nature reserve. Including the predators. I heard a commotion back there and when I glanced back, I saw a red-tailed hawk flying off with... something... in its talons.

Then I made the mistake of searching for local bear sightings. That was really stupid.


jeaniebabb said...

Well, Miss Crankypants, at least you fit with the rest of us.
As for living in the boonies, I love it. I sit at my desk and look out at the creek with Great Blue Heron, deer, rabbits, quail, hawks and the rare fox or coyote. We have been here 20 years and I still love it.

Alwen said...

Once I walked the dogs at dusk, and a huge OWL flew across the path in front of us. It was SO COOL, and utterly silent.

If I hadn't looked at exactly the right moment, I never would have known it was there!

Kaessa said...

I am in love with your back porch.

LyndaF said...

Hawks ... like this?

tkaitka said...


Roxie said...

You have seen "Over the Hedge," right? Do not give the squirrel any cola!

Barbara said...

I live in the city and have a resident Sharpshinned Hawk that hunts at our bird buffet, aka feeders. We have groundhogs wandering through and skunks. It's a festival of wildlife. I love it.

Queen Crankypants, huh? I thought I was Queen around here.

Emily said...

Oh, truly, I do love you when you're cranky. Is Goob going to "regular" school this year? Somehow I missed that.

Kitsune said...

If you want your hair really pink, rinse with cold water, and leave the dye in longer than the recommended time. What brand are you using?

Donna Lee said...

We have an increasing number of hawks. And a decreasing number of smaller mammals. Hmmmm, coorelation?

I love the pink hair. One of my girls loves her hair a sapphire color. It looks good on her but it's hard to keep. Those colors fade so quickly.

Anonymous said...

I am 40 miles north of Philly and have redtail hawks diving on our bird feeder. So far no bears, except myself,GrizzlyBear.
We have a baby bunny under the shed!

Nicole T said...

Local BEAR sitings! Hah! Well, you had that one coming, then. I laughed and laughed when I read that.

Amy Lane said...

I love the pink hair-- but don't get excited about the color staying... we dyed Chickens forEVER--at the end it was just sort of soft and a little more red.

Solitary Knitter said...

Regarding your hair for next time. I have helped my daughter dye her hair every color possible from all over turquoise to rainbow a few tips that might help it looks like your hair is rather light in color but if I am wrong you might try bleaching it a bit before adding the pink my daughter has dark blonde to light brown hair and while come colors showed up well once I bleached and then applied the colors they were much truer and brighter. When we did her hair in rainbow style we used pink, yellow, red, 2 different blues, 2 purples, also. We have also done just certain areas like what you are trying to do in front and the brand of color we have used is called Manic Panic. Hope this helps next time. Have fun with it