Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mood swings. This is new.

I've finally got the amount of drugs in my system low enough that I'm having moods again. I remember moods. I liked those. Very exciting. Get the blood moving.

We got some mail from one of our congressmen today. It was one of those reality-altering lying pieces of shit that I've come to expect from politicians these days. (Did you know Medicare costs more than Defense? Neither did I. Maybe if you add up ALL the social programs and put them against defense MINUS the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.) This prompted many waved middle fingers and the shouting of "lying, cocksucking motherfucker!" and other, worse things, I will not repeat.

The husbeast, watching all this impassively, waited for a break in the stream of rant, and asked "mood swing?"

I answered "No, I'm pretty sure I'm REALLY FUCKING MAD about this."

But there you go. It's been so long, we're not sure what in hell's going on with me. Gotta say, though, I prefer this to the way I've been. I got more 'creative stuff' done in the last three days than in any three month period in the past year, all put together. If this means I need to open the can of whoop-ass, well, hey, that's cool, right?

Speaking of cans of whoop-ass, I've got the latest Vogue Knitting. I'm going to get to work editing images, and do the review in the next couple days.



Well, I did some writing, a couple thousand words' worth. (More, now, if we're gonna count blog posts.) Also spinning - finished plying the first bobbin of Burning Rum. Then I've gotten the cuffs of this KAL sweater figured out, so with luck, we'll be moving on to the next step of that knit-along soon. (Soooo embarrassing...)


I've also got my new progressive-lens bifocal eyeglass thingies. They're... interesting. I'm giving myself a while to get used to them before I go back and demand another fitting, but I think the focal point of the left lens needs moved over a few millimeters. We'll see.

Now. I'm gonna go draw circles on pictures from the VK web site, and try not to work myself up into a froth. Or maybe I WILL froth, and write it all down. Hm. Hard to decide.


Mandy said...

Oh, please froth! The Vogue reviews are much more entertaining when you froth, and I often think they're a more honest representation of what you really think of the patterns than when you're calmer.

Skatequeenknitter said...

Glad to know you are back to responding to life. A couple of hints about getting used to your progressive lenses these will also help you be able to tell your Optician about the adjustments you need. obviously the reading area is the lower area and middle for about 18 inches out and a bit beyond and distance is the top. To find the most comfortable sight area, if you are tipping your head up or down to reach a more comfortable area to see out of that should be able to be fixed by a simple adjustment, of raising or lowering your frame on your face a bit. That can be done by your Optician. Now you may not find a completely comfortable adjustment to reach all areas but choose the closest adjustment to what you like best and give yourself about a week and your eyes should adjust accordingly, your brain and eyes should compensate for what should be small differences in the exact adjustments that you may be looking for, If it seems that it needs more adjustment have them check the measurements again. Good Luck with them and one more really important tip when your are using stairs make sure you look through the top or distance portion of your lenses not the reading portion or otherwise your reading portion will make the stairs look a lot closer and that can be bad. Good Luck with all of it.

Donna Lee said...

Ok, the Vogue review might be more interesting with froth. I've seen the issue. Majorly unimpressive.

I like my bifocals, but I still take them off for close work. My eye dr said "all you people with good close vision seem to do that." And then he told me whatever makes me comfortable. I am trying to leave them on and look through the bifocal but it's a struggle.

Alwen said...

I adapted to my bifocals really quickly, except for that first bout of lawn-mowing wearing them.

My right and left eyes are nearly 2 diopters different, and I think next time I'm going to see if I can order no-correction glasses for the right eye. If I just correct the left eye, I should be able to read and work close-up with both eyes together.

Faye said...

One more vote for frothing. ;)

NeedleTart said...

Froth forth, please!! I have to be nice at the wedding and I could use a good rant to read.
I'm with you on the moods. I looked out at the back yard yesterday and thought, for the first time this summer, "Wow! That looks crappy. I should plant something." Instead of, "Wow! That looks crappy, but we're all going to die anyway, so what's the point."
The last two pairs of lenses I got (progressive trifocals) have seemed to be out of line. The Husband keeps saying, "As soon as you get diagnosed (with diabetes) you can see an ophthalmologist and it will be covered by the insurance." Um, yay?
Looking forward to all the ranting.

Amy Lane said...

Well, sad to say, but your mood swings ARE our entertainment... (and they do make life more fun!)

laurel said...

I think this issue deserves some frothing. So blah. And I don't think I even the read the uh, "poetry" they put on the pages anymore. God, how I wish that was my job!

Corlis said...

Both my spouse and I have transition lenses, mine are bifocals, while Beloved's are not. We've both noticed that these lenses seem to get cloudy and don't clean easily with a puff of moist breath and the edge of a t-shirt. We're having to use the little bottle of windex and microfiber cloth at least daily. Skatequeenknitter is right about the stairs, and you may find quickly scrolling through images on microfilm or computer screen (netflix, book titles, etc.) provides a little nausea.

Emily said...

Oh, froth away. I'm pretty sure I'm !@#$ mad about these idiotic statements from politicians too.

And, yes indeedy, your frothing over VK is REALLY riveting!

Progressive lenses: well, I had to get used to reading down my nose instead of straight ahead, & that made me nuts for a bit.

But I'm glad you feel better. Really glad.