Thursday, May 19, 2011

Q & A

To address some questions folks have asked:

There's still some worry over the prototype. It's going to be a starting point, no more. You have to start SOMEWHERE. Find a sweater or sweatshirt that fits properly through the chest. If you don't like the sleeves or the length, that's fine. Figure out what you want to change about it. This way you don't have to play the ease game, which is very difficult.

Traditionally, a sweater is knit by measuring around the chest at the arm pits, or wherever your boobs create the largest circumference. Then you add four inches for ease. But that's too simplistic. Some folks like tight sweaters. Some folks like really loose sweaters. So it is much, MUCH easier in the long run to just measure something.


Since I'm thinking of this as the "EPS Long Form", we are tagging projects on Ravelry with "LongForm" so that anyone who wants to look at all of them, can. Enjoy.


An ass ton is approximately 800 yards of yarn.

ETA: The metric conversion would be "arse tonne".


The hem issue will be discussed in more detail when we cast on. (This weekend. I promise.) But you use a needle one or two sizes smaller than the main sweater body and work a short length in stockinette. Then you do one row/round in reverse stockinette (or purl) because it makes a VERY neat fold line. Then you go back to stockinette and the regular needles, and work on the body. There are a few more details, depending on whether you're doing a cardigan or pullover, but that's the gist.


Roxie, I will be talking everyone through the math, because, well, your method in the comments kind of scared me.


I think that covers it. Apologies to folks who really want to get moving NOW, but I've got a bunch of folks still catching up. But we're gonna get moving soon. After we do the math it's going to go quickly. Honest.


LyndaF said...

I'm looking forward to the math! If I assume the body is a rectangle and the arms are rectangles and calculate the area, I think I'm short a couple ass tons of yarn.

Carol said...

Math is cool. Casting on when your ready for us is cool. I have been spinning and I have other WIP so no problem. I go with the flow.
I have 5 skeins = 1,125 yds.= Ass Ton.

Did you see that an new E. Zimmermann book has been published? It's quite expensive.

Alwen said...

I'd hate to see Roxie end up with something like this: