Sunday, May 01, 2011

KAL01: The Prototype

Every project needs a starting point. Even if you're going to change everything about it. This is mine:
The sleeves seem a little short, but that's because they're not full length. I like that. And I'll have to add a little bit of ease because I wear this without anything under it, and the new one I'm knitting will go over a tee shirt. But the length of the body is just how I like it, and like I said, you've gotta start somewhere. Once I've got a starting point and a clear idea what I want, I can alter the general plan to produce that clear idea.

For now, here are some things to think about:

-Cardigan or pullover (for this, a cardigan means steeking; IF STEEKING YOU NEED WOOL OR BE PREPARED TO SEW)
-shaping or not (I will do a bit of shaping and discuss it, BUT THIS IS MEANT TO BE A CASUAL SWEATER, it will not be fitted)
-length you want your sleeves
-what kind of neck
-double or single layer on cuffs and neck ribbing
-length of body

With those answers, and a gauge swatch, we should be okay.

Tomorrow, be ready to cast on a gauge swatch. You can skip it, but I'm not responsible.


Louiz said...

Brill, thanks:)

Raychill Canuck said...

Okay, I want to do this for my four year old nephew. And I want it to fit next fall/winter. I will have him here to measure next weekend - what do I need to measure?

Mandy said...

Raychill - your best bet is to have his mom bring a sweater or sweatshirt that fits him a bit big now (the way you want the sweater to fit him when it is done), and measure that. Maybe one size up from what he is currently wearing, so it will last him all winter? Sweatshirts are much less wiggly and easier to work with than 4-year-old boys!

Carol said...

I'm so excited...Carol doing the happy dance around the house!!!

I can't wait to do this KAL. It is one I have wanted to do, well I mean I have been in a lot of sock KAL and a shawl KAL. I always wanted a sweater KAL and here is it.
Yippie!!! Woo Hoo.

tallgirl said...

Very excited! Thinking now about what exactly to make. Roll on the cast on!