Thursday, July 15, 2010

A quickie.

The movers spent about six, eight hours here today, dropping off all our stuff. Huh. After living out of a suitcase for a year, wow. We've got a lot of stuff. The husbeast overheard me telling the washing machine "It's so good to see you! You have no idea how I've missed you." and I caught the Goober hugging the couch.

Unfortunately they lost a bunch of our hardware to put stuff together, raked a hole in the finish of my kitchen table, ripped some veneer off a dresser, scratched the dryer to shit... well. Yeah. This was not the fault of the movers who delivered the stuff today. This is on the motherfucking cocksuckers who had it in storage. If they actually stored my washing machine and refrigerator (oh, the fridge; it's full of black mold) in a controlled environment, inside, I will drink a bottle of fabric softener. Someone's ears are getting pinned back over this one.

But, the movers today were nice, and my stuff is here. I love my stuff. The husbeast is almost cheerful and I think I might have caught him not frowning once.

Tomorrow the in-laws show up to stay overnight, and then disappear to the beach, taking the Goober with them. Meaning I need to find the guest room bed and sheets for it, before tomorrow. And find the stove to cook dinner. Or something.

Fun part? In the morning, I have a doctor's appointment. It looks like I have shingles.

Yeah. So, it's pretty much the fucked-up norm around here again.


Emma M. said...

Oh, God, I hope you don't have shingles. My roommate in college had them (Lupus--it's not pretty), and it was horrible. Fingers crossed for you.

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

oh my god about your stuff being ruined! AND about shingles! I know you're a big girl though and you'll get it all worked out. I hope you took TONS of pictures as your stuff was coming out of the truck.

Carolyn said...

I had shingles and can say only one thing: VALTREX!! Get it immediately!!
(If you can take it...) It was a miracle. It stopped the progression of the virus and since I went to the dr. so soon after feeling lousy, I had a very MILD case. Seriously, it basically saved me! Good luck!

Roxie said...

How wonderful to be re-united with your worldly goods and posessions! I love the picture of Goober hugging the couch.

Kick butt over the damages. You're the girl to do it. Stand on someone's knees and keep kicking till you get satisfaction.

Sending you anti-virus mojo in huge bundles. NOT shingles! NOT!

Amy Lane said...

Ouch! Sorry bout the shingles... and the black mold, and the fuckers who messed with your stuff...

But the Goober hugging the couch? That' cute!

Roz said...

Things are back to normal, I see.

The satisfaction that comes with giving a moving company holy hell has few, if any competitors. I once seared the ears off a delivery guy's ears, and then called his boss to complain, and SHE seared what was left of his ear nubs.

I'd scheduled a curb drop for my great-grandmother's antique table -- that guy brought it into my home, he was so freaked out.

Give 'em hell!

My word: "poods."

Catie said...

I hope things improve and that the storage company responds appropriately. And the idea that Goober hugged the couch is very cute :)

PICAdrienne said...

I am sure you are more than capable of handling the storage jerks oh, so apprpriately.

As for the shingles, been there done that, burned the t-shirt. Would you believe they can be triggered by stress. But, what stress have you had in the past couple of months. Yeah, right. Depending on where they are, benadryl ointment can be your friend, just don't use topically and the oral version, or you can o.d. That would not be good.

Galad said...

You and your stuff in the same place - big WootWoot!

Shingles - that sucks - hope you get the medication to stop it now.

Storage company better look out - obviously they don't know you shouldn't piss off a knitter!

Donna Lee said...

Brought on by stress no doubt. I hope it's not shingles. You don't need that!

It must feel like christmas with all of your things finally around you again.

Alwen said...

Facing the prospect of being PCSd to Arizona for 44 weeks, wow, do we have a lot of stuff.


Barbara said...

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT cook for your in-laws, let KFC do it. No one will die or think less of you from eating take out.

I hope it's not shingles. Tell me it's not. You have meds now?

Oh, I'd be stroking my stuff, reassuring it that things can only get better. Happy days.

Verification word: boutai, what you're going to kick all around the storage facility. Sic 'em, Samurai!

Lee said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with shingles, it's a Royal Bitch. Don't forget to tell the storage jerks that you have a blog and ain't afraid to use it. We lurkers are good for something after all.