Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A year ago tomorrow, we moved out of Charleston. That was also the second of two rounds of spinal steroid shots (yes; got shots in spine, drove twelve hours). So it was sort of the extreme point of my life for the last, oh, six or seven years. I'm not sure whether to call it a high or a low.

Well. Remember drugged packing?

So here I am, a year later, UNpacking. In a semi-coherent state. There's all this stuff... missing. You know, like the dish rack I kept in the one side of the sink. And my waffle iron. My bread-making bowl. Assorted kitchen gadgets. A loaf pan. Lots of silicone bakeware I never really liked. I've got vague, foggy memories of throwing them out. Very foggy. The husbeast and his dad (who came down to help us wrangle the Goob) confirm we had piles and piles of things left out for the trash.


What's really worrying me is, I also have vague memories of throwing out BOOKS. Around here, that's a much bigger deal than a waffle iron.

At any rate, the majority of unpacking and putting away in the kitchen is done. I've got one box left, containing my grandmother's china. I'm waiting until everything else is unpacked in the house before I tackle that, to minimize breakage.

Next up, unpacking the work space. Last I checked, it looked like this.
If no one hears from me in a month or two, send in the National Guard. With martinis and pretzels.


KnitTech said...

I'll send Roxie and Amy with yarn and mixed drinks. You need all the help you can get.

GrillTech said...

Now that your settled you need to send either KnitTech or I your mailing address.. I'll send you some Mead as a housewarming present.

Alwen said...

My work space tends to look like that when I'm working in it.

Teh organized. I doesn't haz it.

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

your work space has a refrigerator? Why would you ever leave?

Anonymous said...

When my aunts and uncle cleaned out my grandparents' house, I was allowed to take the gifts I'd given my grandma and any other unclaimed momentos. I have a box of decorative china that will remain in that box until I buy a house and have a permanent spot for it. Oh, and till my kid is not a toddler anymore.

Roxie said...

"She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain . . " Sure, I'll come over with mixed drinks and yarn. The problem is, I'm six feet tall and tend to start with the top shelves first. I helped friends unpack a kitchen, and they spent the next two weeks on step-stools, getting stuff down.

Surely you didn't Really throw away books! Maybe they got packed in with the machine tools.

Berta in Texas said...

All you need now is an electric kettle and a door. I suspect you already are aware of this exhibit coming to UPenn but just in case http://www.penn.museum/upcoming-exhibits/749-secrets-of-the-silk-road.html. My Christmas present to my self is ticket to see it at the Houston Museum of Natural Science this fall.

Amy Lane said...

OMG-- yeah. Drugged packing? It can only lead to "WTF Unpacking"! But that's not so bad... you're uber organized! YOU CAN DO IT!

Donna Lee said...

I imagine your drugged packing is more organized than most people's undrugged packing.

I can't imagine you throwing out books. Maybe they're in another box?

Louiz said...

Eeek! I hope the memories of throwing books out was just hallucinations. Let me know if you want any rubbish to clutter your kitchen back up - we've got loads:)

ellen in indy said...

congratulations on surviving moving hell! just keep telling yourself that it WILL be worth it.

the goober's room is great, and i suspect that will help her settle down soon. the grandparents should be knighted for swooping off to the beach and letting you get her room done-ish.

it sounds to me like she's going through a MENTAL growth spurt right along with the physical one, and finding it frustrating. she can't yet express what she feels or do what she envisions. in the short run, a very bright child is more difficult than an "average" one . . . especially at the times when their reach far exceeds their grasp. in the long run, they grow up to be the outstanding people this world needs more of.

also, i'm not a doctor and don't even play one on tv, but i hope the shingles-prevention shot is an option for you once you've recovered from this bout. meanwhile, my sympathies. my two favorite bosses each had shingles when ultra-stressed by managers of the company that bought us and considered people "human resources" suitable for strip mining.

scienceprincess said...

Hi. I'm a long-time lurker, but I just started my own blog and today I was talking there about some plant research that I thought might interest you, since I know you like plants.

The address is: scienceprincess36.blogspot.com.

Hope the unpacking's going well.