Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh, for crying out loud.

If you're here visiting about the NYT story, hi. Feel free to poke around the archives, all the infamous VK reviews are in the side bar.

If you want to yell at me, you've got better odds of catching me over on twitter, I'm @SamuraiKnitter over there.

Now excuse me, I'm busy being obsessive and lacerating.


Kate Babbitt said...

Hi Julie, I found your blog from the NYT article and I just had to check you out. Love your blog! So refreshing. Hope you're feeling better now. And now I must binge-read the whole blog. A Serious Knitter

Sarah Thomson said...

Just googled the NYT article. Wow, WTF. Why dredge up something that happened five years ago and clearly hasn't affected his career? Why does Josh Bennett or the reporter give two fucks what "a frustrated housewife that obviously has no talent of her own" has to say? (had to google that, it's priceless)

Leslie said...

Glad I found you.

Susan Duralde said...

Found you thru NYT and shared you with my homies. Thank you NYT. Wish you were still reviewing VK Your blog posts are very entertaining.