Monday, February 03, 2014


Because I am still recovering from the influenza I got right after Christmas. (No. I did not get a flu shot. Yes, that was really fucking stupid of me. Yes, I intend to get one next year.)

I've been trying to spin a couple hours a day, both for physical therapy purposes, and because I wanna finish this project and move on to another one.
The hubbo got me spinning wheel parts, a jumbo flyer, and my in-laws got me some extra bobbins. For my birthday last year. I should get pics and do a blog post about that. Husbeast ordered the parts from my LYS, which is an Ashford dealer. He knows the manager there. When she wrote out the order, she put his name on it. After the third or fourth staff person who asked "Who is Mr. Husbeast?" she wrote "Mr. Samurai Knitter" across the top. Which I am still giggling about, as well as using the spinning wheel parts.

Speaking of my birthday. The husbeast knows it's a rough time for me, so he went overboard this year. I also got this.
It's a Girl Genius poster I've had here waiting to be framed, for at least a year. He did that. It's now hanging on my kitchen wall. I love how it's sort of Art Nouveau, and yet still fits my decor.

Right. Digging back through pics on my phone... uh, it snowed today?
There was a layer of ice/freezing rain that hit first, then snow on top. There was a snow day at school, kid was less thrilled than usual. She's had this germ too, so she was ready to get out of the house. Ah well, there's always tomorrow.

Uh. Another Batkus? Yay?

I got nothin'. Gonna go make a hot toddy.

If you're still well, and haven't had a flu shot yet, think about it. This year's version is particularly hideous. Just sayin'.


Emily said...

Oh dear God. I can't remember if I had a flu shot. I'm one of those high-risk people, too, plus obviously sorta brain-dead.

You have the finest Husbeast in the whole entire world, lucky you.

Roxie said...

the spinning is awesome. SO bright and cheery.

What is a baktus? sounds contagious.

Love the GirlGenius poster. Agatha is my role model!