Thursday, February 27, 2014

Odds and ends. And odds.

I suppose, first of all, since it's consumed my life and is the reason I haven't blogged, well, here's what's going on.

I never know how much is overshare, but fuckit, it's my blog, right?

I'm changing pain doctors. Sort of voluntarily, and sort of against my will. My GP (who is awesome) and I started looking for a specialist back in January because HE THE DOCTOR was unhappy with my pain treatment. (When I'm in pain, my blood pressure goes up. When I have pain flares, I have sustained high BP. We agree that the absolute last thing this whole problem needs is a stroke on top of it.) Being reasonable, I didn't wanna burn any bridges or anything. I was trying to keep it mellow. Then last Friday, my neuro freaked out on me, and that's done, so let us all pray to Keith and Buddha's eight tiny reindeer that the guys I'm seeing at the end of March will be viable replacements, because otherwise, I got nothin'. In the mean time, I'm gonna feel like shit.

Because that never happens.

So far I have not sworn like a sailor. That is a significant victory.

On Valentine's day, I took my gift money and bought enough yarn for a sweater. Scarves and shawls are all very well, but I've got enough now, and I really would like some garments.
This is Pacific, from Marianne Isager (who is one of my all time favorites). I've been wanting to go back to stranded color now that the Goober is old enough to understand "BE QUIET, I'M COUNTING!". But something with a super-short color repeat would be smart. This was the choice. It'd been on my bucket list for ages, so hey!

I'm still spinning.
Finally finished the ridiculously stupid merino-silk spin. Don't know the yardage yet, but this picture? This is the PLYED VERSION. That's three ply yarn there, not a single. Seriously, what in fuck was I thinking?

The husbeast got tired of my squeaking spinning wheel, and got very... husbeastie about it. I think that needs to be its own post. But the last two weeks have involved molybdenum and specialized high-tech engine treatments. It doesn't squeak any more.

Goob's got another germ. With luck, I won't catch this one. Finally got my flu shot.
Hub and I are both trying to figure out when the hell she got so big.

Motorola or Spring just updated my phone and it's going crazy. Fuckers.

Husbeast reports I drove 2,983 miles last year. Which is about what my mother put on her car in a week, so I'm amused. I'm exempt from emissions. Makes me wanna fart.

Right. Nothing happening here. Much. Tomorrow I will report on my spinning wheel, the husbeast being crazy (again), and the space age.


Pinkskatinggirl said...

Always glad to see you post. Isager's designs are killer-- can't wait to see more of that! And your spinning, much wow.

Your ongoing medical stuff is so rotten to hear. Makes me appreciate my 48 hr migraines just a little. I hope new doctors have what it takes.

Emily said...

Yeah, me too. Go, new doctors! It's hard to find a doctor one can truly live with; I have fingers (and toes & eyes) crossed for you on this one.

That said, I love your posts, whatever they are about. Knitting is good. The Goob becoming big...well, yeah, they do that, sometimes quite suddenly. You can trigger a growth spurt, I've found, by investing a lot of money in new clothes. A month later the clothes won't fit.

Roxie said...

I LIKE your doctor! Best wishes for the new pain control regime.

How long is, "the Goob," going to fit that young lady? It has a cool, ironic vibe, but she's growing into such a kid. More of a woman-cub.