Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zie Touren du Sheepenfloofder!

(Still fooling with how I get pictures from my phone to the internet. It's slow going. Right now, I'm having to PUBLISH from my phone, then go back and edit to put in words. Sorry if anyone is getting weird shit in their RSS feeds because of it.) 

The Tour de Fleece. I participated this year, after a fashion. I spun about 750 yards of two ply; all the plying and 95% of the singles, all spun during the almost-month of Le Tour. It's all destined to be entered in the county fair. I finally moved to a place where you can enter spinning! And noticed! (I've been to the fair the last two years and I swear to Arachne I never saw any lone yarn running around the textiles building. Knitting, yes. Crochet, yes. Amazing quilting, yes. Yarn, no.) 

My first project was a Teal to Tangerine gradient from Fiber Optic. (Every year FO goes to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival Gathering Thingie in Wooster, Ohio. Now that I'm hooked, I go over there and loot the booth. This spring I bought a giant bag of fiber at Fiber Optic, and a basket. That's it.) 

335 yards, heavy lace weight, sockish. No idea what I'm doing with it once I get it back from the fair. 

Then, one category of the fair is novelty yarn. To my knowledge, that's all they say about it. Novelty. I can spin the hell out of novelty. 

It's "Fruit Punch" pencil roving from Louet, and I added bright pink nylon sparkles to the slubs because why the hell not? I started with half a pound of fiber, so I got 320 yards of the beehive coil stuff, and 80 yards of plain, which will be handy for casting on and off. Bwahahaha. 

Right now I'm knitting an Aeolian, to, yes, enter in the county fair. My usual attention to detail has been turned up to eleven, and, well. 

It's not going so hot. 

That was 25 rows of what the fuckery. So, now it's gone. I've knit it all back up again already, so I may actually finish it by August 18, when it's due. Or I may not, and just wear the damn thing come winter. THE COLOR WILL KEEP ME WARM. 

That's about it, at House O Samurai. Still trying to spin through migraines with varying levels of luck. I started another Fiber Optic gradient, this one Blush to Celery. 



Emily said...

Oh, migraines! Still? Jeepers. You are one very very impressive woman, swimming thru that yuck.

Anonymous said...

"25 rows of what the fuckery" That line put a huge smile of my face. I have been there.

Roxie said...

Does Honu try to help with all that frogged yarn? Love the color-gradient. It looks immaculate! And the novelty is too cool for school. I love entering in the fairs. Best of blue-ribbon luck to you!

Emily said...

AND! Cool pics, whatever you did.

Donna Lee said...

I had the mograine this weekend. No spinning, no knitting, just lots of staring into space.

Too hot to spin.

Kim in Chicago said...

Beautiful spinning. They better damn well give you several blue ribbons.

Barbara said...

"sheepenfloofder" Is that a real word? It should be. Beautiful yarn.

Glad to see that you're still above ground.

Lissa said...

I'm sitting here crying with laughter over the title of this, not least because I just said it aloud a few times.

You do beautiful work, and I've really missed seeing it. Have I mentioned you inspired me to actually get off my butt and learn to spin and dye? I'm working through my first ounce of lovely creamy fluff and intend to dye it when it's yarn.

Those color gradients are fantastic. I love color play.

MLJ1954 said...

I thoroughly enjoy the Great Lakes Fiber Fest . . . although the first time I told my husband that I was going and that it is in Wooster, he thought it had something to do with oats or wheat . . .

Also, if you have never been, you need to eat at Broken Rocks Cafe in Wooster. Super fabulous.

casapinka said...

That was 25 rows of what the fuckery

I am going to borrow this for knitting fuckups! Love reading your blog although it would petrify me for you to review one of my designs.