Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Goober!

Let's talk something positive, huh? This blog is starting to read like next I'm going to fake my own death or start asking donations so we can shoot Sekhmet's ashes into space. (Which would actually be cool. But let's be serious.)


The Goob started "real school" this fall.
Yes, that's an Angry Birds back pack. There's a matching lunch box.

She's thriving, but not learning shit. Apparently, that home-schooling thing everyone was worried about? She got a perfect score on her reading placement test and is pretty well sleeping through, phoning in assignments, and pulling down As.

This is EXACTLY what I did not want to happen. (It's what I did, and my study habits, by the time I got to a level where I needed them, were non-existent.) There's a parent-teacher conference November something, and we'll talk. The gifted student program doesn't 'start' until second grade, and the only thing I can see to truly challenge her is to move her into second grade now, and that seems pretty drastic to me.

Essentially, all the shit I worried about, with the school stuff? It's happening. GLORIOUS.

Yes, yes, I know, I get lots of talk about "enrich at home" and we do. But school should be more than being warehoused for seven hours. I still think she should be learning THERE.


Tonight we carved the pumpkin.
The Goober emptied out the goo, I drew on the pattern (that the Goob had picked out - Angry Birds were vetoed) and the husbeast did the hard work and did the cutting. He used a serrated combat knife. He is now wearing a Hello Kitty band-aid.


Fiber-wise, I've been parked on the couch, coughing, and knitting. I'm finishing up my third Wingspan, two going for Christmas gifts and one for me. I also did these for my niece, who had a kid at the beginning of October:
That's a Baby Surprise Jacket (of course), and a Swallowtail without the nupps. (I am not fucking with nupps at my stress level.) I knocked them both out in a week and a half. That's when I clued in that I may just be knitting so I don't kill people.

Anyway, the Swallowtail was knit with Madeline Tosh DK, and size six needles. That yarn is so gooshy, it was like knitting a marshmallow. But it is REALLY soft and warm, to the point I'm wondering if I want one.

Next thing after the Wingspan, I'm doing mittens based on the grille of that Duesenberg I saw back in September for my FIL. Then I have to figure out what on earth I'm making for my brother-in-law; he lives in the south, so most knitwear is unneeded. Maybe a scarf.


That's about all that's going on. Besides all the drama, we've been huddled down, sick. At one point all three of us were on antibiotics. The further plan, I think, is to just keep on keeping on.

I'm really damn ready for 2012 to be over.


Alwen said...

2012 has sucked. I am ready to push the door on purpose to hit it hard in the ass as it leaves.

Galad said...

I couldn't wait for 2011 to be over. That was our "everything that can go wrong" year. 2012 has been calmer and more positive for us. Hoping 2013 has that effect on your life!

You have been knitting a lot. Therapeutic and practical :-)

Roxie said...

The kid is too smart for school? Bummer! More bad news. Maybe you could feed her some chips of lead-based paint or something?

Smart kid plus smart parents. You'll figure something out. As usual.

Knit on! Wingspan is gorgeous.

Any hurricane repercussions at your home?

Donna Lee said...

We've had years like that. I am sorry for the pain that losing Sekmet will cause/is causing. I know that sense of loss very well.

Ask the school if they can make an exception for the Goober for the gifted program. My oldest daughter was the only child in kindergarten they ever let in but she so needed it. I begged and pleaded and they gave in (I hate asking them for things but it was for my kid so I swallowed my pride for her).

I've been thinking of you.

Barbara said...

Of course the Goober is too smart for school. Tsk. Our oldest was too so in early 2nd grade we had him tested and analyzed (by a total dweeb of a school psychologist) and forced them to put him into 3rd grade at mid-year. The teachers were against it but then apologized at parent-teacher conferences, saying that they were wrong. Stick to your guns, Julie, and do what's best for your kid, not what the school says.

Gorgeous shawl. Don't you love Wingspan? Mindless and a cool looking result. I'm heavily into garter stitch this year with all of my beloved Durwood's health problems. Knitting toward sanity, that might be my new motto.

Amy Lane said...

LOVELY knitting-- and I know. I volunteer in Squish's classroom-- she's got 31 kids in there with her, and if SHE'S the star student, they need a brighter galaxy. (That's not mean to Squish, but her study habits suck, and so does her motivation.)

But she'll do okay-- you know she will. If nothing else you've taught her to follow her own star and be happy.

Emily said...

Wingspan looks gorgeous and certainly doesn't strike me as what I call zombie-knitting. You amaze me.

As to the Goob and school, I too coasted until suddenly I needed to work and had no idea how. It was traumatic. She needs better. Those wasted hours are a crime.

Lisa said...

I didn't learn much of anything in school until high school so I can certainly relate to the Goob. If you do decide to bump her up a grade (no idea if it's even being considered), do it NOW. Do not wait. I did in the middle of 4th grade and then was severely bullied then switched schools and was ignored b/c I was the new kid in at a very insular school. If you do it early kids won't care, but middle schoolers are pretty much assholes to begin with so that's probably the worst time to do it.

On the other hand, I have friends who homeschooled or were homeschooled for most of their educational career and all seem to have had problems adjusting to college and the world outside of homeschooling, so I think there is a lot of socialization / learning social rules like when you have to put up with BS for the greater good that happens at school.

Anyways, I am sure the Goob will be fine because she sounds like an awesome smart kid and you have her back.

NeedleTart said...

The Goob will abide.
You could try Ponder (a sort of hipster hat) for the Brother-in-law. It's knit from a linen on very small needles so read up before you commit your hands. Best of luck.

Olivia Paige said...

It took a year and a half of fussing from both my parents and teachers, but the administration finally let me test for gifted in second grade during a time when you weren't eligible until fourth. I was the only student in my grade to be in the gifted program at my elementary school and was the one the teachers used as an example to get the age lowered to first grade for gifted testing. They even have a dedicated gifted teacher now instead of a migrant one.
I also got in trouble for petitioning the math program for being too easy for fifth graders. While we should have been learning three digit multiplication and early pre-algebra, we were redoing the basics of addition and subtraction. This was 2002. The program was NCLB approved and left 75 eleven-year-olds a year behind in math for the rest of their lives.

nparis said...

Oh god, I feel sorry for your daughter's teacher when you come in with that attitude. Didn't school just start and you are already decided that she isn't learning anything? (from your daughter's report)
90% of workers get fired because of bad interpersonal skills. She needs to learn how to get along with people.
Don't poison your daughter's attitude toward school- you are her role model.
She is in first grade! If she learns how to share nicely, you are ahead!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, poor Sekmet! But don't count her out til she's done... my cat would be walking and suddenly have a hind leg collapse for no reason. It became more frequent; then she started falling over when she was sitting and shook her head or tried to clean a paw. She did not seem to be in pain and still eating... my vet niece said neurological and nothing to help as long as she didn't seem to be in pain. And in another 5 or 6 weeks, she seems to have completely recovered! I am amazed.

You can push to get Goob moved to next grade. She can help other classmates...that's a learning experience for her too. It may be almost 50 years ago, but I still remember the joy of FINALLY having the option of accelerated classes in HS. But somewhere along the elementary years, I did learn decent study skills anyhow... so not everyone misses learning it even if school is too easy for years.

I need to get back into knitting again. I'm starting to feel like it finally (4 yrs since my hubby died.. just haven't felt like it at all... first time in my life that's happened).


Mary Lynn said...

my middle child was moved after the Christmas break from 1st grade to 2nd grade. The school we moved her to wanted to put her in third grade because she was reading and doing math on a sixth grade level. We vetoed that suggestion and are glad that we did. The biggest problem wasn't when she was younger it was when she was 16 and a senior and some of her classmates were 19 and seniors. She is a college sophomore and just turned 18.

In first grade, her teacher refused to move her to the gifted program. We met with her, gave her ideas, provided extra work (yes, we provided the extra work). Oh, and have I mentioned that my husband has his Masters in Gifted/Talented. Yep and our daughter's first grade teacher didn't care about what his input was regarding the situation. So, we switched schools.

MLJ1954 said...

it does get easier . . . once they stop telling everyone that they are smarter than the teacher . . . oh, sigh. Now all I hear is how STUPID her college professors are. But, on the upside she isn't telling them (I hope).

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Alacaeriel said...

I'm normally a lurker but I hope your going okay, and the goober is doing well at school with the staff and all. Also sending best wishes with regard to Sekhmet.

Tas said...

Ho hum. I hope you're doing well. *hugs from afar*