Sunday, April 08, 2012

Twenty years.

Yup. It's my anniversary today. The husbeast and I have been married for twenty years. I feel like the occasion should be marked by some huge, big deal. But even if it were, I'd still be left feeling like... what? How did this happen? It didn't FEEL like twenty years. (Which, according to the husbeast's grandfather, means you're doing it right. When twenty years feels like an eternity, it's time for divorce.) We had a conversation that went something like this, the other night:

HIM: What's the gift for twenty years?
ME: Electronics.
HIM: Huh. What about twenty five?
ME: Electronics.
HIM: Fifty?
ME: Electronics. And maybe some fiber.
HIM: Uh huh. Right, then.

We're going out for dinner, tomorrow, kid-less, which is something of an event. We'll be sure to enjoy it. And that's another thing. A kid? A cat? A HOUSE? When did this get to be a settled family? Shouldn't we have 2.5 children and a dog? Wait. WHAT?

Twenty years. Where in HELL does the time go?


Justine James said...

Hey, maybe by 50 they'll have electronic fiber!

Amy Lane said...

If you find that lost time, let me know. Squish? IS SIX. Yup. And that makes your kid? SIX TOO! Yeah. It ain't fair. That shit's not supposed to happen so damned fast. But it's true-- it's when that shit feels like an eternity that you're doing it wrong.

Jennifer Crowley said...

Sometime you gotta tell us more about how you met your husband... I'm sure it's gotta be quite a story.

Congrats on all the time.

Kitsune said...

Happy anniversary, it makes me happy to hear about people staying married these days. In my life/family, that's not such a common thing.

kimbelina said...

Happy Anniversary! The husband and I are coming up on 10 years next month and I'm just hoping for a ring to replace my lost wedding band (I think we're officially tapped out with electronics right now).

Roxie said...

Bravo! Tell us, what was the most unconventional part of your wedding?

Arianne said...

Happy Anniversary! :) Congratulations.

amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Shawnee's Girl said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a nice dinner out.

Barbara said...

I miss kids, all of mine grew up, but I understand your glee at a kid-less dinner out. Wish I could babysit. The Goob's my kind of kid, smart and outspoken.

We're closing in on 35 years and stil I'm happy to hear his voice when he calls me at work. I think he still likes me too. At least he says he does. He still ogles, that makes me feel good.

Donna Lee said...

We've just celebrated 30 and I still feel like "where did the time go?" It feels like I've been married all my life, but in a good way. And now, I've been married longer than I was single so that's probably why.

"still crazy after all these years"

MLJ1954 said...


My hubby and I are celebrating 32 on April 18. Our kids are 26, 18 and 11. The 26 year old is married, the 18 year old is at college and, I have to admit, I am thoroughly enjoying the 11 year old.

When we were talking about our anniversary dinner and where we were going, he popped up with "Dave and Busters." We both laughed and then told him that he isn't coming. Boy was he bummed, right up until he realized that if we weren't going to be home that he would be able to stay up later.

We don't get anything for each other for anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas. We do spontaneously buy each other something. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, Dave (who does the shopping) bought me a loaf of rye bread. It must be love!!!

anneemissie said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a great time.

Bobbi said...

Our anniversaries are so close April 6 for us 43 years