Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I sense a theme, here.

I staggered into OT this morning and asked my guy to do something involving tranquilizer darts and knocking me out for a week. Unfortunately, he doesn't have that as a treatment option .

Over the hand massage, we were discussing why I was smashed flat, and it came out that I sorta kinda on Friday drove for five hours almost straight. Which is bad on the face of it, then add in that I don't take any painkillers when driving for obvious reasons, and, well, by the time I got home I was a mess that still hasn't unmessed.

My OT started discussing moderation. How I can still do pretty much anything I want, but the days of four-hour knitting sessions - or five hour drives - are over. It hit me, because, see, FIFTEEN YEARS AGO I got these same talks from Colonel H, the head of OT where I had my hand put back together.

Apparently, I have learned nothing in a decade and a half.

I'd been doing pretty good - I only spin for an hour at a time, only knit for about half an hour without a break. But then I start feeling better and do something stupid, like that drive on Friday.

I think it's time to turn over a new rock, and start acting like a grownup.

I hate that.

To make myself feel better after this realization, I stopped off at Natural Stit



To make myself feel better, I stopped at Natural Stitches and bought two more Crazy Zauberballs. Woohoo! So, that's something. Not much, but, fuck, it was... moderate.

Hell, I hate adulthood.

ETA: I got the motherfucking gnat and so do not have to burn down the motherfucking house.


Galad said...

Adulthood 1, gnat 0

Jennifer Crowley said...

Awww. Being a grownup really sucks. But look at it this way... grownups can buy themselves yarn. Kids have to wait and ask parents.

Dylan said...

swap you gnats for mice? fuckers were in MY YARN DRAWER. (also all through the rest of the house, but that isn't important...)
Delurking here, love your blog!

Roxie said...

It's not like you actually decided to skip an OT session, then do a four hour drive. Sometimes shit happens and accumulates.

Barbara said...

Roxie, shit ALWAYS accumulates.

I know that sitting on my ass, not walking, not yoga-ing makes my knees, hips, and calves ache like they're on fire. What have I been doing? Writing, blogging, sewing, knitting, web surfing, in other words, sitting on my ass complaining about my achy legs. I want my 40-yr-old body back so I can do a better job of the intervening 20 years. I promise I'd bike more and bitch less. Really. Pleeze? Shit.

Jennifer Crowley, buying what you want when you want it ( if you have the cash for it) is one of the few perks grownups can claim.

Emily said...

It sucks, having an aging body. But I look at it as the price of survival.

It can be maddening, remembering what one could do just a moment (ten years!) ago, and can't anymore. Children are particularly humiliating. They can jump rope (!!!) and run without a thought & jump carelessly...oh well. At least, since I'm older, I'm a lot sneakier.

Madam Backslash said...

See also setting your own bedtime. And having ice cream for breakfast if that's what you want.

Anonymous said...

Ya a clever girl. Don't talk rot about burning the house down. Get Real yourself. I do however enjoy your Blog.


Alwen said...

Oh, I HATE those little gnats that come and fly up and down in front of my glasses!

Totally understand the desire to kill them with fire.