Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's this?

Could it be... potential fiber fun?
Yup. Acid dyes. I've messed with a few, not in any sort of competent way. But with this cut finger, being unable to knit or spin, well, I've gotta do SOMETHING. So I guess what I'm doing is learning how to use industrial dyes better.

There's just one drawback.

I want to knit this blanket. We need a knit blanket for the living room, and all proceeds go to help Japan, and I think it's really pretty. All good things. Figuring it was a fine time to learn more about industrial dyes, I thought I could dye the yarn, since it will look best in a variegated but it's not vital that the colors be short or long or anything in particular. Dandy. WEBS was having their sale and I've been on a Cascade 220 kick, so I ordered in seven skeins of superwash to dye and knit up. You know how regular Cascade 220 comes in skeins?


Now I've got to skein up over 1500 yards of yarn, dye it, wash it, then ball it back up, and THEN knit it. Right. Might be ready to knit by the time my damn cut finger heals. It has been a week. I took the bandage off today, thinking I could give some knitting a try. Didn't get that far. HAS NOT HEALED YET.This had better not be some Actual Problem. No sign of infection, it seems to have closed, it's just still a damn cut. Remind me I'm not 17 and cuts do not heal that fast any more. HAS NOT HEALED YET.


I never thought I relied on spinning and knitting for my sanity so much. You know, fun hobby, blah blah. IF I DO NOT MAKE SOMETHING SOON I WILL LOSE MY MIND AND TAKE THE REST OF YOU WITH ME. I've got maybe ten (short) rounds and some grafting left to do on the Goob's sweater. I have a knit-along coming up on May 1. I HAVE STUFF TO DO. BONKERS.


Buggering fuck. HEAL YOU DAMN FINGER!


Amy Lane said...

Okay, not that watching you lose your mind over a vat of acid dyes and a shitload of balled up Cascade isn't going to be oodles of fun for the whole fam damily, but have you thought about a finger condom?

Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

Try liquid band-aid. It allowed me to knit after I sliced my finger. Also to peel oranges.

Sada said...

I was also going to suggest a bandage + finger cot...or there's always the good 'ol superglue fix...

I hope it heals soon!!

Donna Lee said...

My body is constantly reminding me I am not 18 anymore. It sucks in a big way.

I love that blanket. I think I'd like to make one, too. And I could feel virtuous since the proceeds from the pattern go to aid Japan....

Bells said...

i though they were balls of Bendigo when I first saw them!

Roxie said...

Neosporin promotes healing for me. All the other ideas are great, too. Superglue? Why not?

It will be fun to see how the superwash takes dye. Looking forward to this!

Yes, a life without fiber is not a life worth living. How about embroidery?

Barbara said...

I'm resisting making more Mitered Crosses blocks right now because I have too much OTN. But I have all this stash yarn and it's such pretty colors and I bought more naturals for the borders. No! I must finish a few UFOs first. Must.

My DS & DIL gently reminded me that I'm much nearer 60 (6 months to go) than 16 and shouldn't have gone into the bounce house at DD's wedding only to get catapulted out by a man jumping on the other side. It was fun until then, though. Why can't we heal like 16 anymore? It's pissing me off.

metalouise said...

Maybe now's the time to buy a loom. You can totally weave without using that finger.

Louiz said...

Try baking? It's making and shouldn't hurt the cut.

Looking forward to seeing what happens when you get going with the dye.

=Tamar said...

It's a deep cut, and I think it's probably a good thing that it is healing from the inside out. Giving it air is probably really good, too, though I find that the occasional dab of pleasant hand cream helps prevent rough scabbing. Have you considered trying Portuguese knitting? You tension the yarn around your neck (or through a safety pin on your shoulder) and push the yarn with your left thumb. There are videos on Youtube.