Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not knitting, but damn fine.

The husbeast is a serious gadget-head, which is probably news to no one. A while back, he got cords and stuff so we could hook my external hard drive to my TV, and further, run my computer through the TV. Plants Vs. Zombies on the flat screen. Jolly good fun. Or, you know, gigantic Twitter.
I've also been running iTunes through the TV/bass speaker setup and rocking out on the daily grind. (The Goober got in big trouble last week after throwing a fit when I switched from rock to classical.)

A couple weeks ago, the husbeast came home and found me seated on the foot stool, typing on my computer on the console table so I could blast music and write at the same time. We were chatting about it (he loves to see me writing because it means I feel pretty good and I'm not drugged to the gills) and he mentioned a cordless keyboard so I could write while laying on the couch. I replied with something like "what would make that PERFECT would be one of those gamer chairs like we saw when we were buying the living room furniture."

Next thing I know?
Innit sweeeeeeet? The husbeast, I mean, not that chair-stealing bag of fur in the picture.

I'm using the setup now to write this. Near as I can tell, there are only two drawbacks. One is my orthopedic mess; getting out of this seat will take a bit of practice, and I'm not sure it makes my shoulders happy. (Screw it. I needed more motivation to do my shoulder exercises, and HERE IT IS.) Second isn't exactly a drawback. Or not entirely. The TV screen doesn't have as much definition as my computer screen. So I have to wear my glasses to see anything I'm writing. BUT, because of the fuzzier screen definition, I can run video AND a bunch of other things at the same time. Not a bad trade off.

Now, I am going to go read Girl Genius and pretend it is IMAX for comics.


Roxie said...

Your husbeast deserves rewards! And hooray for you writing!Working on the book?

Donna Lee said...

Girl Genius on the big screen! Jealous here.

I'm always afraid I'll get stuck in one of those chairs and never get out again.

NeedleTart said...

I once had five fourth graders pull me out of a butterfly chair. At least you can just fall to the side and roll.....
Yay to the husbeast!!

Louiz said...

it *is* IMAX for comix

Amy Lane said...

*snork* Giant twitter? ARe you shitting me? That's HILARIOUS! And awesome!

Alwen said...

I had to show my kid Sekhmet in the gamer chair.

Then we looked at each other and went "CATAPULT!" at the same time.