Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MARCH! Thank the gods!

As a rule, February sucks in my house. Anniversary of my mother's death, horrific weather, usually pneumonia or some such fun.


So let's talk about something else, hmm? (YAY! OVER!)


The design project? It's this far.

Getting scrapped. I got about that far before I finally admitted it wasn't working. I'm going to knit a test project for the Goober that is the experimental shaping WITHOUT the cables/twisty stitches. Then I'll have another go at the full concept. Or get one of you guys to have a go at it. Heh heh heh.


After that post last week about my crocus and daffodils, within 48 hours my neighborhood looked like this:

It has since melted and the crocus are practically exploding out of the ground, so that's fine. Alwen pointed out, it kept the deer from eating the shoots when it got cold again.

Right now the sun is shining and it's in the low forties, so with luck, spring is on the way. I will not be making any more jokes about lake effect snow or three-foot overnight snowfalls. Nope. Never again. Until I forget and do it next winter.


Several of you have contacted me with links to news articles related to our last post about House of Dior. Looks like John Galliano went and got himself fired. At first they were saying he made some rude anti-semitic remarks at a Paris cafe, and I thought it was odd to fire the head of House Dior over an isolated incident, no matter how rude and stupid. So I was wondering if there was some very quiet, ongoing feud with management, and they were using the cafe scene as an excuse to ditch him. It now turns out that the incident was NOT isolated and he seems to be in the habit of roaming around telling people they're ugly and following up with whatever religious or racial insult that seemed most fitting.

Add in that Dior recently signed Natalie Portman as a spokeswoman, and she's Jewish. And 'outraged' over Galliano's comments. And won an Oscar Sunday night. Way to go, Galliano. When you're that arrogant and stupid, you deserve a serious kick in the ass.

So, he's out. I'll keep my ear to the ground and let y'all know who they replace him with. We'll have to see how the next person creates the New New New Old Look.


The Goober has discovered the joys of Bejeweled on my Blackberry.

Cyber school has done a lot for her tech skills, I've gotta say.



Overdoing it, too. My back is killing me. I've got over four ounces of this stuff I want to turn into 3-ply mitten lining, and it's taking a while. Okay, no, it's taking forever. Especially when I want to order more merino/silk blend, dye it, and have another go at Martian Sunset socks.


But, for now, February is over. And we just got a new hot water heater. That's enough.

ETA: Have been trying to upload photos for over an hour. Fuck it. Maybe later.


Roxie said...

Don't worry about the photos. By now, I can imagine the whole world in a whiteout without visual aids.

(verification word - gestives. Take two after every meal.)

Mandy said...

I was going to send you a link to the John Galliano story, because I heard it on my way home from class, but I can see now that I don't need to! I'm glad you made it through February relatively unscathed. Welcome to March.

NeedleTart said...

I was looking at Vogue patterns yesterday and all the Vintage Vogue are the new look. Hmmmm.

Heather Lynn Rigaud said...

I just wanted to comment (LOVE your blog) about the Dior-Portman thing. There's been a lot of talk because Portman, the face of Dior was wearing Rodarte at the Oscars. She released a statement condeming Galliano.

Here in NY we stay have snow on the ground, but its shrinking everyday. Go Spring!

Donna Lee said...

We're currently obsessing over Angry Bird. DON'T download it unless you have gobs of unscheduled time!

Louiz said...

I can imagine the pics:)

Plus interesting on the Galliano.

And the Goober on Bejewelled? Yes... it's not just cyber school that does it, regular school does too. I need to start investigating net nanny software after my small geek managed to start up lap top, start up browser, type in url to youtube and start selecting videos to watch. Whilst I don't think she knows about ebay yet, I don't want to bet on it!

Ellen said...

Love YouTube as an adult - hate it as the parent of a 7 yr old.

His latest is "Funny cat videos." We do not have a cat. He finds them wildly amusing. Me - not so much. And you can't leave him alone with the UnTube because he might enter something incorrectly and get the "naked cat" videos. Those you really don't want to see!

Who knew all this about modern parenting?

Amy Lane said...

I saw some of that Galliano footage. Can we say shithouse rats look like Oxford graduates while in the same room?

And I'm glad it's February, and that spring has promise, somewhere...